8 most effective tips to prevent your car from getting stolen

Burglary has become common nowadays and inspite of our preventive measures we fail to prevent the cartheft.So here we bring some of the solid tips to prevent your car from getting stolen. 

1. Park safely

The first thing to prevent your car from being stolen is to park the car in a safe area.Don’t cry for those little bugs.A mere Rs. 50 can save your car.If you have a garage it is well and good,otherwise it is beneficial to pay for parking.Parking in safe area not only protects your car from thieves but also resists dust,heat and other such elements to make the car dirty.Parking in a safe area doesn’t mean a lonely area.Park in area which is well lit and easily visible from a distance.

2. Steering,tyre,gear lock

Steering,Tyre and gear lock are some of the accessories which can prevent car theft.Today the burglars are so advanced that they can bypass any security systems so nowadays these locks have become necessary to avoid any mishap.

8 most effective tips to prevent your car from getting stolen

3. Avoid leaving valuable objects in your car

Leaving valuable items in your car is equal to inviting threat to your car and your valuable objects.The thieves has some system with which they can easily detect the electronic products inside the vehicle and break the window and take the important things along.Even the bags,purses which can be easily observed should also be kept at a safe place like the boot of the car.

4. Number etching 

Number itching is another safety measure to ensure protection of your car from those petty thieves.Number itching is usually printing of car number on all windows of the car.Also Read:10 biggest mistakes that you make while buying a new car

5. Lock the doors and don’t leave windows open

Another step to prevent your car from being stolen is to lock all the doors and windows of the car.While getting out of the car,it is extremely necessary to lock all the doors of the car and ensure that all the windows are pulled up.Also ensure that the sunroof or moonroof is also closed.Such a short step can protect your four wheeler.

6. Install security system

You can install Central locking system which comes with motion and alarm sensors which basically locks all the doors.It works with Engine Immobiliser which is presently offered as a standard safety feature in most of the cars.Engine immobiliser cuts off battery and fuel supply to the car.

7. Install GPS tracking device

Tracking devices are the ones which are placed secretly by you inside your car’s cabin.These GPS devices send you your car’s location via SMS at the time of theft of your car.Although it is a bit costlier,but what needs to be kept in mind is that is helps you to gain multi information like current location,speed of the car,for how much time did you halt the car and many other things.

8. Don’t circulate the keys too much

Don’t give your keys to watchmen,guard,parking lot attendants or others.These keys may be wrongly used by those suspicious people or it may be duplicated.Also don’t keep your car keys in the ignition even for a short while.

8 most effective tips to prevent your car from getting stolen

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