Every Car in India should have these Standard Safety Features

Safety features in a car are one of the most talked features.There are many safety features which are provided right from the basic model.The more the standard safety features in a car,the more it sells.So here we bring some must have standard safety features that every car must have:

1. Fog lamps

Fog lamps which should be offered as a standard safety feature builds itself as one of the most important standard feature.Fog lamps are really useful at the time of low visibility from precipitations like rain,snow and dust.Unlike headlamps,Fog Lamps only illuminate the ground immediately in front of your vehicle. 

2. Rear Defogger

Defogger or defroster,which is a device at the rear windscreen basically clears condensed water droplets or mist from the rear window thereby improving visibility.Without this,we will be facing potential safety issue.

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3. Reverse Parking Sensor with Camera

In metropolitan cities like Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Bengaluru and others,traffic is so insane that even a saint may lose his patience.In such chaotic conditions,accidents have become common.Such accidents can be avoided by providing Reverse parking sensors with camera right from the basic model of the car.Reverse parking is basically enabled when you put your car in reverse gear.These sensors gives beeps as you near some obstacles and it’s sound increases simultaneously.Reverse parking camera provides display of what’s behind the car at the screen.must have standard safety features in a car

4. ABS with EBD

ABS,Anti-lock Braking System,introduced in hatchs,is a safety feature which prevents the wheels from locking up at the times of heavy braking.By preventing locking up of wheels,it helps to avoid skidding of the car.EBD,Electronic Brake Distribution,mainly works with ABS.EBD functions to maintain vehicular control by applying varied forces individually to all the wheels.It helps to get maximum breaking power without losing control.must have standard safety features in a car

5. Speed sensing auto door lock

The name itself tells everything.Speed sensing auto door lock features locks all the car doors when it crosses a speed range of 15-20km/h.This feature is beneficial when you are travelling with kids as they sometimes unknowingly open the door.

6. Impact sensing auto door unlock

A major feature that should be made standard across all cars is Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock.When the car meets with an accidents or to some object with high force,the doors are unable to open.At that time,Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock can save life.This features works along with airbags.Sensing some impact,airbags open and simultaneously perceiving that airabgs have opened,Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock unlocks the doors and helps you to get out of the car.

7. Engine Immobilizer

Engine immobiliser is one of the best safety features.The function of this safety feature is to cut off fuel and battery supply to the car in case of car theft.

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8. Front Seat Belt with Pretensioners and force limiter 

Pretensioner in front seat belts helps to tighten the seatbelt and reducing the amount they are thrown forward and struck into steering wheel thus preventing injury in case of frontal crash or instant severe braking.Load limiters help protect occupants from seatbelt-inflicted injury.While the pretensioner restrain the occupant backward,the load limiter at this time releases the webbing gradually so that much force is not exerted on chest of the driver.  

9. Dual Front Airbags

Airbags are now available in affordable cars.Airbags inflates automatically to prevent occupants from hitting the dashboard,windows and steering wheels.One such great example is Toyota Yaris which offers 7 airbags as standard across all models.must have standard safety in a car

10. Central locking

Another safety features which must be offered right from the base model is Central Locking.The function of central locking is lock all the doors and boot of the car.This feature can prevent your car from getting stolen.

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