Top 5 Strong Reasons to buy Electric Car in India

All of us know that electric cars are the way forward. Every car company is investing in them and making favourable stratagies to make them more affordable.It is predicted that electric vehicles will receive the same level of response as we have with petrol and diesel powered cars.But some companies have made steps for the introduction of EV vehicles in India and we already have some of them running on road including e2o and e-verito.So here we bring 5 reasons to buy Electric cars:

1. Low Running Cost

The cost of running an electric is less than a rupee per kilometre.A diesel car churns out fuel efficiency of 15-20kmpl and at a price of Rs. 75/litre(in Delhi).With a charge of Rs.120-150,electric cars can give you range of approximately 200kms(depending on the maximum range). mahindra everito

2. Environment Friendly

Electric cars are completely Eco-friendly with zero emissions.This means that you are generating a positive environment in a bumper-to-bumper traffic thus protecting the nature.

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3. Low on Mantainence

An electric vehicle is not as complex as the present cars.An EV car has very less parts which means lower service and mantainence cost which results in better ownership experience.

e2o plus electric

4. Easy to Drive

In today’s so congested city traffic,we prefer to opt for AMT cars which can be easily manoeuvred in traffic and provides comfort to driver.Although they offers extreme comfort but on the flip side,they cost more on maintenance plus they also compromise of fuel efficiency.Electric cars are great alternative to automatic cars in such a way that they provide the same comfort and ease like automatic transmission cars without compromising on mileage and service cost. 

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5. Easy to Charge

Alike the present petrol and diesel cars,which we have to visit oil refilling pumps to run our cars,the EVs can be charged at our home with 16 Amp plug point which is used for Air conditioners and refrigerators.A complete charge takes nearly 6-7 hours,which means you can prefer to charge it overnight.A fast charger can complete it in 3-4 hours.

electric cars charging time

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