10 Features That Kia Seltos Gets But the Honda Elevate Doesn’t!

Kia Seltos and Honda Elevate!

The Kia Seltos, a Creta-rival SUV, has been performing decently in sales for Kia India. It has some great features which are better than the better than the Creta, but the Seltos is due for an facelift which will get some big updates. Recently, it also got a new rival on June 6th when Honda globally unveiled the Elevate SUV which looks muscly from the outside, spacious from the inside, and loaded with good features, yet the Elevate misses out on few. But for now, we’ll which 10 features the current Kia Seltos in India gets that the Honda Elevate doesn’t –

  1. Ventilated Seats
  2. Air Purifier
  3. Power adjustable driver’s seat
  4. Ambient Lighting
  5. Cooled Glovebox
  6. Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  7. Drive Modes
  8. 360-degree camerra
  9. Height adjustable front seatbelts
  10. Disc Brakes for All 4 Wheels

The features mentioned above like the Ventilated Seats should’ve been offered at least as now it has become a common feature among it’s rivals and Honda missing out on that features seems like a huge missed opportunity. Other feature like cooled glovebox, ambient lighting, and Height adjustable front seatbelts should’ve been offered as well as the Elevate looks more and more like an SUV version of the current-gen City.

A feature like Air Purifier is an another feature Honda forgot to add in the Elevate SUV. The Kia Seltos has this feature on offer to ensure that you breathe clean and fresh air to avoid getting affected by those harmful gases and airs. Air pollution is so much these days that Air purifier helps breathe clean air while travelling for certain distances. Another miss from Honda is not the addition of Drive Modes. The drive modes adds feels to your driving, like if you want to drive efficiently, you switch to Eco to save fuel, or if you want to go sportier, you switch to sport mode to feel the wind breezes at high speeds.

Other features like the Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) should’ve been offered as well as it helps you monitor the pressure of the tyre, 360-degree camera which helps you park better by giving you a view of all the surrounding, and disc brakes for all 4 wheels which is like a basic feature in this segment as disc brakes helps reduce the braking distance and is much more effective than the drum brakes.

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