150-200cc motorcycle March sales in India 

150cc-200cc motorcycle March sales figures are out 

The 150cc-200cc segment is very well-known in India, and many brands have started to focus on this segment. This segment has the perfect balance between performance, practicality and affordability. There are many brands like TVS, Bajaj, KTM, Honda, Hero and lastly Yamaha that focus on this segment, these bikes are mostly chosen by youngsters as these bikes are aesthetically appealing and as mentioned above, they offer good performance and practicality. Now, the brands have released the sales figures of these bikes, let us compare and know which bike is the best in the segment.  

Sales figures for March 2023 

Companies that had faced loss in March 2023 

Many brands have faced a decrease in terms of sales as compared with the 2022 March sales. Starting with the companies that have faced a 100% loss. The Honda Hornet 2.0 has faced a 100% loss, last year in March the company sold 368 units whereas in this year March, the brand failed to sell even a single unit which leads to a 100% loss for the Honda Hornet 2.0. The Same goes for the Honda X blade last year the company sold 224 units and this year 0 units which led the company to a 100% loss. The Honda Unicorn is one of those bikes that has faced a huge loss, last year the company sold 12,889 units whereas this year they sold 0 units which led to a 100% loss. The Suzuki Gixxer has faced the same thing, last year the company sold 633 units and this year 0 which leads the company to a loss of 100%. 

Only 2 units of Honda CB200X have been sold this year, which leads to a loss of 99.55% to the company. Honda has faced more losses than any other company. Honda has failed to serve the people properly and now is facing loss. There are other companies too but Honda has the most part in the failure of sales of the bikes. Only 105 units of the Hero Xtreme 160 and the Hero Xtreme 200 were sold which leads to a loss of 92.05% to the company. The Yamaha FZ also faced a loss of 17.05% to the company. These were the companies who had faced some major losses, but there are other bikes like Bajaj Avenger which had faced only a 0.63% of loss, last year the company sold 1,582 units of the bike and this year the company sold 1,572 units. Moreover, the Hero Xpulse 200 faced somewhat the same thing last year the company sold 4,563 units and this year the company sold 4,525 units which led to a loss of 0.83% for the company. 

Motorcycles that have faced 0 changes

There are some motorcycles like the Kawasaki W175 and Yamaha MT-15 who did not face any loss but also they didn’t gain any sort of profit. Last year Kawasaki didn’t sell any units of the W175 and this year the company sold 32 units which leads to no change in companies loss or profit. The same happened with the Yamaha MT-15, the company sold 6,201 units this year but last year the company had sold 0 units which led to no change in the company. 

Companies that have faced profit in March 2023 

Motorcycles including KTM 200, Yamaha R15, Bajaj Pulsar, and TVS Apache series have earned a profit by selling more units as compared to last year’s sales. Last year KTM sold 1,943 units of KTM 200 while in this year KTM sold, 2,915 units of KTM 200 which led to a profit of 50.03% for the company. Moreover, Yamaha sold 5,768 units of the R15 and this year they sold 7,581 units which makes a difference of 1,813 units leading to a profit of 31.43% for the company. Bajaj sold 25,121 units last year and this year the company has sold 30,756 units which equals an additional 5,635 units which leads to a profit of 22.43% for the company. 

The brand that has gained the most profit is the TVS, last year the brand sold 27,439 units and this year the company sold 36,226 units which is 8,787 units which leads to a profit of 32.02% to the company.

Moreover, the Yamaha FZ, TVS Apache and Bajaj Pulsar have the most share amongst all the brands. 

March 2023 sales and February 2023 sales comparison 

Now, if we compare the sales figures for these months, many brands have faced profit. Although there are still some bikes like Honda Hornet, Honda X blade, Honda Unicorn, and Suzuki Gixxer who has faced a 100% loss as they sold 0 units in March. 

Companies that faced more than 50% of loss 

Furthermore, the brands including Kawasaki, Hero Xtreme 160R and 200 have faced more than 50% of loss that is the Kawasaki W175 has faced a 59.49% of loss whereas the Hero Xtreme 160R and 200 have faced a 77.27% of loss. 

Companies that earned profit 

The Bajaj Avenger, Hero Xpulse 200, Yamaha MT-15, Yamaha FZ, Bajaj Pulsar, and TVS Apache are the brands that have earned profit as follows: 

Make/Model Profit 
Yamaha MT-15 1.13%
Bajaj Avenger 1.88% 
TVS Apache 3.70% 
Yamaha FZ 10.60% 
Bajaj Pulsar 15.89% 
Hero Xpulse 200 175.91% 

Brands that faced no change 

Only the Honda CB200X has faced no change, as it sold 2 units in March 2023 and 0 units in February 2023. 

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