An aged villager who follows every traffic rule possible. But How?

We have seen many people either breaking or not following traffic rules. Well, there is another side to this too. Now, there is a video on youtube posted by Mundodi Vlogs where it can be seen that an aged bicycle rider has installed 2 ORVMS in his bicycle with other safety equipment too. This incident has been recorded in Vital, Bantwal Taluk which is a small town in Karnataka. In the video, it can be noticed that the bicycle is equipped with taillights, 2 rear view mirrors just like those fitted in scooters and bikes, and a helmet. He shared this video to spread awareness among people who do not follow traffic rules. People in India are unaware of safety rules, most of them are people who don’t follow the rules and are old-age people who are old license holders. 

Recent accidents that took place due to not following basic traffic rules

Mahindra Scorpio-N was traveling from the lane beside the divider with a low beam on the highway. The visibility was low and the car was following a speed of 80-90kmph. Surprisingly there was a tractor coming from the wrong side right in front of the Mahindra Scorpio-N before the driver could react they smashed into the tractor. The tractor was split into two pieces and Mahindra Scorpio-N’s front right was damaged, the headlight, fender, alloys, and even the structure of the car on the right side were damaged severely. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported as there was no impact in the cabin of the car. All passengers are safe and just have faced some minor injuries.

Scorpio-N has been launched to compete with the Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari. It is just a whole new car and doesn’t resemble the old Scorpio. And because of this, the Mahindra has still kept the Scorpio on sale under the name of Scorpio Classic. Talking about the engine of the Scorpio-N, it is available in 2 engine options one is petrol and other is the diesel. The 2.0L Turbocharged petrol engine produces 200bhp of maximum power and 370nm of maximum torque. The petrol engine is mated with the 6-speed MT as well as the 6-speed AT gearbox. Now other is a 2.2L turbocharged Diesel engine that produces 130bhp of maximum power and 300nm of maximum torque. 

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