Ather 450X New Variant Launched – Rs 30,000 Affordable than Before

Ather 450X new affordable variant introduced!
Ather 450X new affordable variant introduced!

Ather has introduced a new affordable variant for the 450X where few features won’t be available with the base variant.

Ather 450X Base Variant – What you need to know!

Pricing of the Ather 450X.

Ather has introduced a new 450X base variant which is priced at Rs. 98,079 and this is without the Pro Pack. If you opt for Pro Pack, the price goes to Rs. 1,28,443. This price is of New Delhi showroom where the state subsidies is the highest resulting in lower prices in comparison to previous prices of these scooters. Ather has also discontinued the 450 Plus and now customers have the option to either opt for standard variant 450X or the 450X with Pro Pack.

Both the 450X has the same battery pack and range, but there are differences in charger and warranty. So, here is the list of features the base variant won’t be getting –

FeaturesAther 450X (without Pro Pack)Ather 450X (with Pro Pack)
Bluetooth ConnectivityNoYes
4G ConnectivityNo Yes
OTA UpdatesNoYes
Location TrackingNoYes
Remote Charging MonitoringNoYes
Ride StatisticsNoYes
Onboard Maps / NavigationNoYes
Fast ChargingNoYes
Ride ModesNoYes
TFT Color TouchscreenNoYes
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)NoYes
Document storageNoYes
Google MapsNoYes
Auto indicator offNoYes
Guide-me-home lightNoYes
Hill AssistNoYes
Park AssistNoYes
Five-year Battery WarrantyNoYes
Charging Time0 – 80% – 12 hrs 15 minutes
0 – 100% – 15 hrs 20 minutes
0 – 80% – 4 hrs 30 minutes
0 – 100% -5 hrs 40 minutes

So, literally, the 450X without the Pro Pack is actually nothing as even in charging, the 450X will take 15 hours 20 minutes to charge from 0 – 100% which is like the worst thing ever. You get, no Bluetooth, 4G, hill assist, and no five year warranty on battery pack. With the Pro Pack you get five ride modes – Warp, Sport, Ride, Eco, and SmartEco, the base variant however, has one single default ride mode.

Next thing is the fast-charging, if you buy the base variant, you won’t have access to the Ather’s fast charging station. Moreover, you can’t have the option to upgrade to the Pro Pack until Ather announces you can do upgrade which will be at a later date. All these factors, is most likely will make people buy the 450X with Pro Pack version.

Both the base variant and with the ProPack variant, the battery pack, power, and torque output is the same. The 3.7 kWh battery pack produces 8.5 bhp and 26 Nm of torque and both has a top speed of 90 kmph and can go from 0 – 40 kmph in 3.3 seconds. The suspension, brakes, and wheels remains the same.

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