Bengaluru Man Gets Pizza Delivered in Mega Traffic Jam!

After being stuck in Traffic for so long, eventually Hunger kicks in, and that’s what happened yesterday in Bengaluru with this man. He ordered Pizza from Dominos, and the delivery man was kind enough to track his live location and find where he was waiting for his order.

Pizza in Mega Traffic: What you need to know!

Bengaluru, often dubbed the Silicon Valley of India, is infamous for the traffic in the city. While stories of people enduring hours-long traffic jams are not uncommon, the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in Bengaluru witnessed an unusual gridlock on September 27th. Many commuters found themselves stuck for hours, with one individual resorting to an unconventional solution: ordering food online. However, instead of having the food delivered to their home, they had it sent to their car. A video capturing this unusual moment of a person ordering pizza to their car amidst the traffic jam quickly went viral.

The video, shared across various social media platforms, including X, serves as a testament to the severity of the situation in various parts of the city, including the ORR. In the video, Rishivaths and his friends are shown stuck in the traffic, presumably growing hungry as the jam continues. They opted to order a pizza from Domino’s, and remarkably, the delivery partners went the extra mile. They tracked the live location of the car and managed to deliver the pizza directly to it.

The video shows numerous vehicles moving very slowly in a traffic jam. The vehicles moved at a snail’s pace, but the pizza delivery partner skillfully maneuvered their bike through the narrow gaps between cars and reached the stuck vehicle. They parked their bike by the roadside and approached the car, making the delivery possible, thanks to their nimble mode of transport.

This incident is not an the first one in Bengaluru. The city’s traffic jams are notorious, and recently, there was a viral video of a woman stuck in traffic peeling vegetables. The ORR traffic jam was particularly massive, and the Bengaluru traffic police have identified several key reasons for this unusual congestion. Among these reasons, the police highlighted the sheer volume of vehicles on the road, which had doubled compared to a typical day. On that day, the vehicle count reached 3.59 lakhs by 7:30 pm, far exceeding the usual count of 1.5-2 lakhs for a Wednesday. This surge was attributed to a recent city-wide bandh.

In addition to the increased traffic volume, the long weekend and waterlogging on many roads due to heavy rains exacerbated the situation. The heavy rains also led to the formation of multiple potholes on the road, further impeding the flow of traffic. Compounding these issues, the ORR was already narrowed due to ongoing metro construction, and several vehicle breakdowns during peak hours only added to the traffic congestion.

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