Big Crash of the New Kia Seltos Reported; No one’s hurt!

The updated Kia Seltos in India recently experienced its first crash, revealing improved safety features and sturdier build quality, signaling progress since the previous model received a three-star Global NCAP rating.

Kia Seltos Facelift First Accident: What Happened?

Kia recently introduced a significant update to its popular Seltos midsize SUV in the Indian market. This updated version features several exterior and interior enhancements, including safety improvements such as the inclusion of six airbags, hill start assist, electronic stability control, vehicle stability management, and a tire pressure monitoring system as standard across its range.

The first reported accident involving the new Kia Seltos facelift has now emerged in India, highlighting the enhanced safety features. A YouTube video by Prateek Singh’s channel documents this incident, which took place in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The video provides glimpses of the aftermath, revealing substantial damage to the front of a white Kia Seltos following a collision with a pole mounted on a road divider.

While the exact cause of the accident remains unconfirmed, it is possible that it resulted from over-speeding or an attempt to avoid an obstacle on the road. Notably, the visuals indicate that the Seltos absorbed the impact well, with no damage to the pillars or roof of the SUV. The front windshield cracked, and the co-driver’s side airbag deployed. The variant involved in the crash appears to be the top-spec GTX+ model.

A few years ago, Kia faced scrutiny due to the pre-facelift Seltos receiving a three-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests. This raised questions about safety standards for Kia’s products in India. However, this recent accident involving the Kia Seltos facelift suggests improved build quality, resulting in a more robust and safer vehicle.

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