Consumer Court Orders Honda Dealer To Issue Full Refund For Selling Old WR-V!

2017 Honda WR-V

The Consumer Court issued an order against the Honda and its Jalander-based Dealer Lally Motors to issue a refund to Ms. Anu Garg for selling her an old SUV that came with many issues.

Honda Dealer Receives Court Order: What Happened?

Dealerships often employ creative ideas to generate revenue, but a recent incident in Jalandhar, Punjab, highlights the consequences when such practices cross ethical boundaries. The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Chandigarh has issued a verdict against Honda Cars Ltd and the Jalandhar-based Lally Motors, ordering them to rectify their wrongdoing.

The court’s ruling was prompted by a case where the dealership had sold Ms. Anu Garg an old car, misrepresenting it as a brand-new Honda WR-V. The commission has mandated that both Honda Cars Ltd and Lally Motors take corrective actions. Specifically, they are required to refund the full cost of the Honda WR-V, which amounts to Rs 8,77,050, and provide an additional compensation of Rs 50,000 to Ms. Anu Garg. Moreover, the commission has directed the parties to compensate an extra Rs 10,000 to cover the legal expenses incurred by the complainant.

Ms. Anu Garg filed her complaint with the commission, alleging that she had paid Rs 8,77,050 for a new Honda WR-V but was delivered an old vehicle by Lally Motors. Her grievances extended to the fact that the reversing camera in the car malfunctioned shortly after purchase, leading her to discover that she had been sold a used vehicle instead of the new one she had paid for. Despite raising the issue with the dealership, she claimed that they did not adequately address the problem.

In her complaint, Ms. Garg accused both the company and the dealer of engaging in unfair trade practices. Seeking full restitution, she requested a refund covering the entire purchase cost, including insurance and vehicle registration fees, as well as additional compensation. Lally Motors contested the allegations, while Honda maintained that it was not directly involved in the sale of the car.

Following a thorough examination of the arguments presented by both parties, the commission issued its ruling. It mandated that Honda Cars Ltd and Lally Motors refund the sum of Rs 8,77,050, along with 9% interest, to Ms. Anu Garg. Additionally, they were instructed to provide an extra Rs 50,000 as compensation for their misconduct. So, in the end, the total amount she receive as compensation was Rs. 10 lakhs.

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