Dangerous stunt by an Auto-rickshaw, a punctured tire changed in the air

We have seen many car drivers and bike riders performing some unusual stunts on public roads. Similarly, there is a video viral on social media where it can be seen that an auto driver changes the punctured tire in the air. The Location of this stunt is unknown and the time of the video is not known. In this incident, it is seen that the auto driver balances his auto on 2 wheels, the front wheel, and the left wheel while the right wheel which he replaced was in the air. He not only just kept the balance but also replaced the tire. For this, some people helped him too.

 While he was removing the tire, the other auto comes with a new tire, he removes the tire and gives it to them and then he takes the new tire and fits it in the place of the old one.  Not only that, he successfully manages to take a proper right turn with the rear right tire still in the air. 

While doing all this the driver was almost out of the auto, it is still a mystery, that how did the auto-driver take the turn when his both hands were busy changing the tire. This stunt has made the internet upside down indeed. This video was posted by navbharat times on their youtube channel. 

What could have gone wrong? 

Well, there are many things that would have gone wrong in the video. Firstly the auto was balanced yet it was getting unbalanced because the auto-driver was not even holding the handle of the auto. If there would have been even a small rock everything by the auto driver could have gone wrong. The auto would have turned on the left side, but somehow the auto-driver manages to avoid all these scenarios.

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