Distracted Rider Crashes his Activa into the Kia Seltos!

A recent YouTube video shows a distracted Honda Activa rider colliding with a Kia Seltos in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Activa rider was using their smartphone and failed to notice the car’s turn signal, resulting in a rear-end collision. Thankfully, the rider, wearing a helmet, escaped severe injuries.

Honda Activa Crashes into Seltos – What Happened?

Regardless of the safety equipment worn by two-wheeler riders, accidents leading to injury can still occur. When operating a two-wheeler or any vehicle on the road, attentiveness is paramount. Unfortunately, in today’s times, many individuals drive without paying proper attention and become distracted by various factors, resulting in accidents. Recently, a video of such a distracted riding accident emerged online, depicting a two-wheeler rider colliding with a compact SUV.

This particular accident video was shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. The video’s creator mentions that it features dashcam footage of a Kia Seltos rear-ending a Honda Activa scooter. They note that the video was shared by the vehicle owner and that the incident took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

From the clear dashcam footage, it’s evident that the Seltos driver was traveling at a reasonable speed on the road. Subsequently, the driver activated their turn signal, as audible in the background audio. Upon signaling, the driver began changing lanes to the left. However, at this moment, the rider of the Honda Activa failed to notice the car and collided with the rear of the Seltos. Following the collision, the car owner came out to inspect the damage to his vehicle and reprimanded the Activa rider.

Observant viewers can discern that the Honda Activa rider was distracted by their smartphone while operating the scooter. The video reveals the rider with their right hand on the handlebar while their left hand held a phone, and they were looking at the phone screen rather than focusing on the road ahead. Fortunately, the rider was wearing a helmet, and despite the fall, they did not suffer severe injuries.

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