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Fortuner Almost Pushed Off the Flyover by Truck; No one’s Injured!

In a harrowing incident captured in a video, a truck nearly pushed a Toyota Fortuner SUV off a flyover. Fortunately, the SUV’s driver survived and shared his terrifying experience.

Fortuner almost off the Flyover: How did that happen?

Arun Panwar posted the video on his YouTube channel, featuring an interview with the Toyota Fortuner’s owner involved in the accident, who is also from Haryana. The incident occurred on an elevated road near Palwal around 12:30 am. As the Fortuner ascended the flyover, it encountered a truck ahead. Regrettably, the truck driver was occupying the right lane, which was not good. Forced to take evasive action, the Fortuner driver decided to pass the truck from the left.

The Fortuner driver signaled and initiated the overtaking maneuver. However, just as he was about to complete it, the truck abruptly swerved into the left lane without signaling. The Fortuner driver had very little time to react, and the truck’s trailer collided with the SUV’s door. Consequently, the truck pinned the SUV against the flyover’s wall, dragging it along. Astonishingly, the truck driver seemed unaware of the perilous situation. The SUV eventually teetered on the flyover’s safety wall, nearly tipping over. It appeared as though the truck driver might have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Finally, the truck driver realized the collision and came to an abrupt stop. It remains unclear whether the truck driver failed to notice the car behind or if he had fallen asleep. The Toyota Fortuner owner, who was alone in the SUV, stayed inside because he feared the vehicle might topple. He promptly contacted emergency services, while the truck driver, who had initially fled, also reported the accident to the nearest police station. Eventually, the Fortuner’s driver managed to escape through the driver’s side window since the doors were jammed.

The owner expressed immense relief at surviving such a serious accident and praised the SUV’s protective qualities. The vehicle suffered damage to the bonnet, side panels, tires, and alloys. This incident marked the owner’s first experience with such a severe accident, highlighting the importance of a safe vehicle. He commended the 9-year-old Fortuner’s build quality and emphasized that he emerged from the accident without even a minor injury. Despite the damage, the car still started, although there were signs of engine oil and fluid leakage. He plans to purchase more Toyota products in the future and intends to have the car repaired and restored at an authorized service center. An official case has been registered against the truck driver in this matter.

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