Girl Almost Killed in a Stunt by KTM Rider!

Engaging in stunts on public roads is not only dangerous but also illegal. Such actions can lead to accidents and pose risks to the safety of those involved and other road users. Here a KTM rider was trying to impress the other superbike by down a wheelie with the girl on the pillion seat, and in attempting the stunt, the girl almost falled off the seat.

Stunt almost killed girl: What happened?

In a recent video shared by a Z900 rider on their YouTube channel, a concerning incident was captured. The vlogger was riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10 R superbike in the city, equipped with a loud aftermarket exhaust that drew attention from onlookers. During the ride, the vlogger encountered a couple on a KTM Duke motorcycle. Both the rider and the pillion passenger, a girl, were riding without helmets or any protective gear.

Upon seeing the superbike rider, the KTM rider accelerated and began riding recklessly, attempting to display his riding skills on public roads. He made dangerous overtakes with the girl on the bike, who seemed to be frequently looking back at the superbike, possibly intimidated by the loud exhaust note. The superbike rider followed the KTM rider as they both engaged in risky riding behaviors, weaving through traffic and narrow gaps between vehicles. Notably, the KTM Duke’s license plate was not visible in the video.

At one point, the KTM rider attempted a wheelie on a less congested road. However, the girl on the pillion seat was unprepared and not holding onto the rider. As the rider lifted the front wheel, the girl lost her balance and was nearly thrown off the bike. Fortunately, her legs got caught on the footrest, preventing her from falling onto the road. The rider quickly realized the mistake and brought the bike to a stop.

The superbike rider continued to follow them, but instead of advising against such dangerous behavior, he seemed to encourage the KTM rider. The girl appeared to be panicked and was seen hitting the rider as they continued forward. Towards the end of the video, the same KTM rider attempted the wheelie again, but this time the girl was prepared and holding onto the rider.

While this video might appear to be entertaining, it underscores a highly perilous and irresponsible trend. The superbike rider should have prioritized safety by either advising against such actions or maintaining a safe distance from the KTM rider. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with reckless riding on public roads and the importance of adhering to traffic laws and safety precautions. It’s crucial to prioritize safety over risky stunts when using motorcycles on public roads.

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