Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Which one is better than the other?

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G

It’s time when we compare the two newly launched and updated scooters. The Hero Xoom was launched in January 2023 and the Honda Activa 6G recently got an updated with H-Smart Keyless features.

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Design

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Design Comparison

The Hero Xoom uses a sporty H-shaped LED lights in the headlamps and the taillamps while the Honda has a simple front and rear design. The side view of the Hero Xoom has a cut in the body which acts as an faux air vent while the Activa 6G body is round with no cuts. The Hero Xoom has dual-tone colors with dual tone finish for the exhausts as well whereas the Activa has single color with single color finish for the exhaust. The Xoom uses 12-inch Diamond cut alloy wheels while the Honda Activa 6G uses simple black alloys.

The Hero Xoom gets digital instrument cluster while the Honda Activa 6G is still stuck at analog dials and small digital display that displays range and fuel meter.

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Dimensions

Hero XoomHonda Activa 6G
Ground Clearance155mm162mm
Boot Space19.2 litres18 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity5.2 Litres5.3 Litres
Kerb Weight109 kg105kg

As you can see at the Dimensions table, the Hero Xoom is slightly bigger than the Honda Activa 6G as the length difference is 48mm as the Xoom as 1881mm length and Activa 6G has 1833mm length. The width difference between the two is 34mm as the Xoom is 731mm wide, and Activa 6G is 697mm wide. Here, the Activa 6G has more height than the Xoom as the Activa 6G has 1156mm height whereas the Xoom has 1118mm height.

The Hero Xoom has 40mm more wheelbase than the Activa 6G’s 1260mm wheelbase. But, the Activa 6G has got ground clearance of 162mm which is 7mm more than the Xoom’s 155mm. The Xoom is slightly more practical has it got boot space of 19.2 litres which is 1.2-litres more than the Activa 6G’s boot space of 18-litres. The Xoom has 0.1 litres less fuel capacity as it’s got 5.2 litres whereas the Activa 6G has 5.3 litres. The Honda Activa 6G, somehow, still managed to have a kerb weight of 105 kg which is 4 kg less than the Xoom’s 109 kg.

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Engine Specifications

Hero XoomHonda Activa 6G
Power8.03 bhp7.63 bhp
Torque8.70 Nm8.90 Nm
Transmission TypeCVTCVT
Fuel Efficiency45 kmpl50 kmpl
Top Speed78 kmph85 kmph

As you can look at the engine specifications of both the scooters, you can tell the Hero Xoom has 8.03 bhp and 8.70 Nm of torque with a fuel efficiency of 45 kmph and has a top speed of 78 kmph. Meanwhile, the Activa 6G has 7.63 bhp and 8.90 Nm of torque with fuel efficiency of 50 kmpl and top speed of 85 kmph. So clearly, the Honda Activa 6G is leading this comparison.

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Features

FeaturesHero XoomHonda Activa 6G
Instrument ClusterDigitalAnalog and Part Digital
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Charging PortYesYes
Wheel Size and type12-inch, alloy wheels12-inch – Front
10-inch – Rear
Alloy wheels
Cornering Light Yes
BrakesDrum Brakes – Front and RearDrum Brakes – Front and Rear
Keyless startYes

As you can see at the features comparison between the two scooters, there is slight difference between the two. The instrument cluster used on the Xoom is full digital whereas the Activa 6G still uses Analog dials with part digital screen to display how much fuel is left and how far it could go. The other feature the Activa 6G doesn’t have is the cornering lights which the Xoom does have. Then there is the wheel size and type difference.

The Xoom uses 12-inch alloy wheels whereas the Activa 6G uses 12-inch alloy wheels at the front and 10-inch alloy wheels at the rear. The Activa 6G has keyless start feature which the Xoom doesn’t have.

Hero Xoom vs Honda Activa 6G – Price

Hero XoomRs. 82,062 – Rs. 91,000 (On-road price)
Honda Activa 6GRs. 86,878 – Rs. 93,427 (On-road price)

The Hero Xoom starts at Rs. 82,062 for the LX variant and goes all the way up to Rs. 91,000 for the ZX variant where as the Honda Activa 6G starts at Rs. 86,878 for the standard variant and goes all the way up to Rs. 93,427 for the H-Smart variant. Hero did undercut the Activa 6G with Rs. 4,816 for the entry-level variant and Rs. 3,427 for the top-end variant but given the Activa 6G has keyless start feature, it might have more sales than the Xoom.

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