Honda City Owner Drives Rashly and Hits the Cyclist; Doesn’t Stop to Check on Him!

Honda City Driver hits the Cyclist!

A Honda City driver was seen driving recklessly and in an attempt to overtake the autorickshaw, he failed to notice the cyclist and as he tried to squeeze the car between the two, he ended hitting the cyclist badly but thankfully the cyclist walked off without any injuries.

Cyclist hit by Honda City: What Happened?

Reckless driving poses a significant issue in numerous parts of India and many other countries. These negligent drivers or riders frequently become the catalysts for accidents on our roads. Unfortunately, there have been numerous cases in the past where people have tragically lost their loved ones in such accidents. Regardless of how strict traffic regulations may be, there always seem to be people who choose to drive in a reckless manner. They frequently break traffic laws and often find themselves saddled with huge fines. A video has been shared by the Hyderabad Traffic Police that depicts a Honda City being driven recklessly, resulting in a collision with a cyclist who was cycling on the road.

The video in question has been shared by the Cyberabad Traffic Police on their official YouTube channel. This video captures an accident that occurred in 2021 and is now being circulated online with the aim of raising awareness among road users. The incident took place on a 100 ft road situated within the jurisdiction of Madhapur Police Station. The accident took place in the morning.

In the video, we observe a cyclist wearing a helmet while cycling along the road. There is an autorickshaw following behind the cyclist, but the cyclist appears unbothered by its presence. However, as the auto rickshaw attempted to overtake the cyclist, a Honda City , being driven recklessly, suddenly appeared from the rear and tried to pass the autorickshaw on the left side. It appears that the driver of the car failed to notice the cyclist on the road. In an attempt to maneuver the car through the narrow gap between the autorickshaw and the cyclist, the car’s driver miscalculated and collided with the cyclist.

The impact of the collision sent both the cyclist and the bicycle crashing onto the side of the car, throwing them away from the vehicle. Fortunately, the cyclist did not end up underneath the car or any other vehicle on the road. It’s worth noting that there were no vehicles directly behind the cyclist at the time of this incident. Upon impact, the Outside Rear View Mirror (ORVM) of the Honda City shattered and was sent flying off the vehicle. This entire sequence of events unfolded in just a matter of seconds, leaving the cyclist in shock.

Regrettably, the driver of the Honda City did not stop to assess the situation or offer assistance. However, a Nexon driver later stopped to check on the cyclist’s well-being. Thankfully, the cyclist managed to stand up and move away from the road, finding a safe spot on the footpath. The police later were able to trace the owner of the Honda City and took appropriate action against him. Fortunately, the cyclist was able to walk off from the incident without any major injuries.

In this particular case, the car’s driver bears the primary responsibility. Their reckless driving not only risked their own life but also endangered the lives of other road users. It is essential to emphasize that the cyclist was riding closer to the center of the road. To minimize the risk of such incidents, cyclists should always ride on the left-hand side of the road or utilize cycle tracks. The cyclist may have been riding towards the center of the road, probably assuming that there were few vehicles on the road at that time.

Additionally, it is crucial for all cyclists to wear appropriate safety gear to protect themselves in the event of accidents like this. Ideally, the driver of the Honda City should have stopped, helped the cyclist, and reported the incident to the authorities.

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