Important Update: The waiting period for this hybrid Toyota SUV is up to five months.

Toyota sold about 5,600 SUVs called Hyryder in January. Depending on the version, there is currently a waiting period of up to five months.

Toyota UC Hyryder, New Waiting Period:

Since its debut, the Hyryder has been one of Toyota’s best-selling SUVs, leading to waiting times for new buyers. Nevertheless, depending on the model, Toyota has shortened the waiting list for this hybrid SUV this year.

Customers who want the Strong Hybrid Variant will now have to wait four to five months, depending on the location they live in. The waiting period for the mild hybrid variety was lowered from 12 months to as little as 8 to 9 months this year. Due to rising demand, there is a 12- to 13-month wait period for Hyryder’s most popular CNG model.

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ERs. 12.90 L*8-9 Months
SRs. 14.82 L*8-9 Months
S CNGRs. 15.85 L*12-13 Months
S ATRs. 16.19 L*8-9 Months
GRs. 16.74 L*8-9 Months
G CNGRs. 18.01 L*12-13 Months
G ATRs. 18.12 L*8-9 Months
VRs. 18.52 L*8-9 Months
S HYBRIDRs. 19.23 L*4-5 Months
V ATRs. 19.90 L*8-9 Months
V AWDRs. 20.24 L*8-9 Months
G HYBRIDRs. 21.56 L*4-5 Months
V HYBRIDRs. 23.28 L*4-5 Months

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