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Kia EV1 to EV9 Trademarked in India; EV4 Spotted Testing?

Kia EV4 Spotted Testing!

So, Kia has filed trademarks in India for their upcoming EVs starting from the entry-level EV1, and goes up to flagship model EV9, and an EV test mule was spotted testing.

Kia Trademarks EV1 to EV9 – What does this mean?

The South Korean car manufacturer has filed 9 trademarks in India for all the nine electric vehicles it plans to launch in the future. Out of these 9 trademarks, EV6 has already launched in India at Rs. 60.95 – Rs. 65.95 Lakh, and recently EV4 was spotted testing. If you look at the status in these trademarks, it says “Protection Granted,” meaning that Kia intends to launch anytime in the future. Kia’s electric flagship model EV9 is available in selected markets, and EV5 was recently unveiled to the world. Out of the 9 electric vehicles, EV6 was the first EV to launch.

The Kia EV1 will be smallest and entry-level model in the line-up. So, if we think about the dimensions, the EV1 could be the counterpart of ICE Picanto hatchback, EV2 could be close to Exter in dimensions. The EV3 could act as bridge between the sub 4 meter SUV and Compact SUV, and it’s possible it could be the size of the Soul EV. The EV4 is the Seltos-sized EV with length approximately 4.4 Meters which could be a counter to Hyundai’s Creta EV launching in 2025. The recently unveiled Kia EV5 measures 4615 MM in length followed by the EV6 that measures 4695 MM in length.

The Flagship model EV9 measures 5015 MM in length which is similar to the Kia Telluride’s dimension. The EV7 and EV8 are a mystery, and it’s possible it could be either a mid-size sedan similar to K5, and MUV as a counter to Hyundai’s Staria.

Additionally, a new test mule from the Kia was spotted on the roads and it looks like its EV4 with the SUV looking somewhat similar in dimensions comparison to Seltos. The EV4 test mules show sleek A-Pillar, and a traditional rear section featuring increased body volume behind rear doors compared to Soul EV. The design is reminiscent of the Seltos, showcasing elements of Kia’s “Opposites United” design language and the signature asymmetrical wheel patterns seen in Kia’s EV line-up. It’s likely that the EV4 Powertrain will be shared with the Hyundai’s Creta EV probably utilizing a new platform instead of E-GMP Platform.

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