Kia India sales increased by 35.8% in February 2023 with 24,600 units!

Kia Sonet was the one leading the sales chart in February 2023.

The fastest-growing brand in India, Kia, domestic sales has been revealed and its sales has increased by 35.8% in February 2023 with 24,600 units.

Kia India February 2023 Sales

Kia India sales is up by 35.8% with 24,600 units sold domestically compared to 18,121 units sold last year. However, in January, it recorded the highest sales of 28,634 units. Meaning it saw decline in sales by 14.09% that is 4,034 units in the last month. Sonet leads the charge with 9,836 units, which is an increase from last month when it sold 9,261 units and only 6,154 units in February 2022.

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Kia India Sales

Seltos right behind the Sonet with 8,012 units in February 2023, although it had more demand in January 2023 with 10,470 units when compared to 6,575 units sold in February 2022. Carens sold 6,528 units in February 2023, which is, less than 7,900 units it sold in January 2023 compared to 5,109 units it sold in February 2022.

Kia is seeing increased demand for the Carnival as well when it sold 504 units in February 2023 however, it sold more in January 2023 with 1,003 units when compared to 283 units sold in February 2022. No units of the EV6 were sold. Kia India had announced that it will be increasing the prices from March 2023 to comply with the RDE stringent mission standard.

It’ll range between Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 50,000 across all the models and powertrains. This will be the second price hike since January 2023.

Kia India: Upcoming Cars

Kia India is expected to launch the new Seltos in India before mid-June 2023 followed by Kia Sportage, which is also expected to be launched in India around July or August 2023. The new Kia Carnival or Grand Carnival or as Kia is calling it, the Kia KA4 that was revealed at the Auto Expo 2023 in January 2023 will be launching in 2024 as it’s the only car in its segment that no car company is competing with.

Kia EV9 concept was also showcased at the Auto Expo 2023 but no news on when it’ll officially launch in India.

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