Top 5 Features That Are Missing From the Kia Seltos Facelift!

Kia Seltos Facelift

With a more modern look to the SUV, people were expecting to see features in the SUV from Kia that were never seen in this segment, but they unfortunately they didn’t offered with the facelift.

Kia launched the Seltos Facelift on July 4th, 2023, and it redesigned the SUV from the outside, and little but from the inside, and introduced some new features like ADAS, but at the same it missed out on few features that it continues to offers internationally. Here are the list of features that the Seltos facelift misses out on –

  • Powered Tailgate
  • Heated Seats
  • Co-Passenger Powered Seat
  • Hill Descent Control

The first feature the Seltos facelift misses is the powered tailgate. We all know the benefits of the powered tailgate, like when we’re holding things in our hands, just a press of a button and it opens automatically, and if it can sense the key in your pocket, it’ll open automatically without the need to press a button. Next feature that was expected to come with the SUV is the heated seats. In some international markets, the facelift Seltos is offered with heated seats, but Kia decided to skip this feature for the Indian-Spec Seltos to reduce the cost of the SUV to make it affordable for people to buy.

Third feature the Seltos facelift won’t get is the co-passenger powered seats. To further reduce the cost of the SUV, Kia will also skip this feature which is not a good news as the people would’ve really appreciated this feature to adjust the seat the way they want. Last but not the least is the Hill Descent Control. As you’re going down the hill, this feature lets you’ve have full control of the SUV so you don’t end up losing control and crash into a pole or maybe something bad.

These were some of the features many had hoped to see in the Seltos facelift. What do you think about the new Seltos facelift?

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