Maruti Fronx vs Renault Kiger – Dimensions, Engines, Features, and Price Comparison!

Maruti Fronx vs Renault Kiger

The Maruti Suzuki Fronx is scheduled to launch later this month and will rival one of it’s rivals that we’re going to compare here. That rival is the Renault Kiger. We’re going to compare the dimensions, engines, features, and pricing to see who has the upper hand.

Fronx vs Kiger – Dimensions

Maruti FronxRenault Kiger
Ground Clearance190mm205mm
Boot Space308 Litres405 Litres
Fuel Tank Capacity37 litres40 Litres
Turning Radius5.3 meters
Kerb Weight1,012 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight1,435 kg

As you can see, there is a slight difference in dimensions between both the cars. The Fronx has a length of 3995mm which is 4mm more than the Renault Kiger’s 3991mm length. The Fronx has width of 1765mm over the Kiger’s 1750mm width. The Fronx has a height of 1550mm which is 51mm less than the Kiger’s 1601mm height. The wheelbase difference between the two is 20mm as the Fronx has 2520mm wheelbase while the Kiger has 2500mm only.

The Kiger has a ground clearance of 205mm against the 190mm ground clearance of Fronx with a difference of 15mm only. The Kiger has a boot space of 405 litres which is 97 litres more than the Fronx’s 308 litres. The Kiger has a fuel tank of 40 litres whereas the Fronx as a fuel tank of 37 litres. While the turning radius, kerb weight, and gross weight of the Fronx is not known yet, the Kiger on the other hand has 5.3m turning radius, 1,012 kg kerb weight and 1,435 kg gross weight.

Fronx vs Kiger – Engine Options

Engine1.2-litre NA petrol1.0-litre turbo-petrol
Power90 bhp100 bhp
Torque113 Nm148 Nm
Transmission Type5-speed MT, 5-speed AT5-speed MT, 6-speed Torque converter AT
Fuel Efficiency21.79 km/l – MT
22.89 km/l – AT
21.5 km/l – MT
20.01 km/l – AT
Maruti Suzuki Fronx Engine Options

Maruti Suzuki recently revealed the fuel efficiency figures of the upcoming Fronx and there are two petrol engines on offer since Maruti doesn’t offer diesel engines. The 1.2-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine puts out 90 bhp and 113 Nm of torque paired to a 5-speed Manual Transmission and 5-speed Automatic Transmission with fuel efficiency of 21.79 km/l for the Manual and 22.89 km/l for the Automatic.

Then there is the 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine that pumps out 100 bhp and 148 Nm of torque paired to a 5-speed Manual Transmission and 6-speed Torque Converter Automatic Transmission with a fuel efficiency of 21.5 km/l for the MT and 20.01 km/l for the Automatic.

Engine1.0-litre turbo petrol
Power71.01 bhp / 98.63 bhp
Torque96 Nm / 152 Nm / 160 Nm
Transmission Type5-speed MT, 5-speed AT, CVT
Fuel Efficiency18.24 km/l – 20.5 km/l
Top Speed 155 kmph
Renault Kiger Engine Options

The Renault Kiger has only one petrol engine – 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine that puts out 71.01 bhp for the base and mid-spec variants and 98.63 bhp for the Top variants. It has a torque of 96 Nm for base and mid-spec variant, 152 Nm for second top variants, and 160 Nm for the top CVT variants. It has 5-speed Manual Transmission, 5-speed Automatic Transmission, and CVT Transmission with fuel efficiency ranging between 18.24 km/l to 20.5 km/l with a top speed of 155 kmph.

Fronx vs Kiger – Features

Both the Fronx and Kiger have features such as LED headlights, automatic climate control, wireless charging, cruise control, height adjustable driver seat, touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and rear AC vents. In Safety, both cars get ABS with EBD, ESC, reverse parking camera, traction control, ISOFIX anchorages, and tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

However, the Kiger does not get features such as Heads-up Display, and 360-degree camera. The Kiger has 8-inch Infotainment system whereas the Fronx has 9-inch SmartPlay Pro+ Infotainment system.

Fronx vs Kiger – Price

Maruti Suzuki FronxExpected price Rs. 8 lakh
Renault KigerRs. 7.40 lakh – Rs. 13.07 lakh

The Renault Kiger is priced between Rs. 7.40 lakh for the entry level RXE variant and Rs. 13.07 lakh for the top variant RXZ Turbo CVT DT. Meanwhile, the pricing for the Baleno-cross SUV Fronx is not out yet, but since it is build on the Baleno platform, it might at Rs. 8 lakh for the entry-level variant.

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