Maruti Jimny Driven on the Deadliest Roads; Check Out How It Went!

An Owner of the recently launch 5 Door Maruti Jimny drove his cars on one of the world’s deadliest roads. There were ups and downs on what could happen to the driver, but let’s dive into this to see what exactly happened!

Maruti Jimny on Deadly Roads: What you need to know!

The highly anticipated Maruti Jimny, a 4×4 SUV from an Indian car manufacturer, has finally arrived, and it’s making waves. The 5-door version of the Jimny has been delivered to excited customers, and a plethora of videos showcasing its capabilities have flooded the internet. Among these videos is an exciting adventure where a Jimny owner takes his SUV through challenging and narrow mountain roads to experience driving in the snow.

This captivating journey was documented by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. The adventure began in Jammu, with the vlogger and a friend embarking on the journey in their trusty Jimny. The SUV had been given some minor modifications, including RT tires and a striking matte green wrap. Their destination was Sach Pass, an elevation of nearly 4,500 meters above sea level.

Initially, the roads were relatively wide, but as they progressed, they encountered narrower sections where only one vehicle could pass at a time. At one point, they paused to watch a local using a Force Traxx to navigate a slippery surface. Despite not having 4×4 capabilities, the Traxx eventually conquered the terrain. In contrast, the Jimny effortlessly tackled the challenge thanks to its well-gripping tires.

As they continued their journey, they encountered a road closure on the infamous “cliff hanger road,” known as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Forced to take a detour, they found themselves on an even narrower route. Here, the Jimny’s compact dimensions proved invaluable as they had to navigate the edge of a cliff due to ongoing construction. With 4L engaged, the Jimny confidently climbed steep sections without breaking a sweat. Its petrol engine exhibited no issues with altitude, making the ascent seem almost effortless. Finally, they reached Sach Pass, though they missed experiencing the snowfall they had hoped for.

As winter had already begun in the mountains, and some areas had seen their first snowfall of the season, the Jimny’s instrument cluster issued a warning on their way back, cautioning the driver to be careful due to potential snow on the road. Fortunately, no snow was encountered on the journey back, and they safely returned to their hotel for the night. The Jimny’s performance in these challenging conditions left the owner thoroughly impressed. Despite navigating treacherously narrow and perilous trails, the SUV delivered a remarkable performance. This adventure also underscored the importance of having a reliable set of tires for such expeditions.

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