Maruti Swift to Get New Z Series Engine; Swift to become the most fuel efficient hatch in the segment?

2024 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki will be debuting a new Z Series Engine in 2024 which will power the new-gen Swift. It’s codenamed Z12, a new 1.2 L 3 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Engine set to replace the current Swift’s K Series 1.2 L 4 Cylinder Engine.

New Z Series Engine Debut with new Swift: What you need to know!

Detailed specifications for this new powerplant have not yet been officially released. However, insider information suggests that the company has set ambitious fuel efficiency goals. While the power output is expected to be in line with the existing K12 unit, there will likely be an increase in torque. The choice to increase each cylinder’s capacity to 400cc falls within the range considered optimal for achieving high volumetric efficiency and torque, typically falling between 350cc and 400cc.

Suzuki’s objective with this new engine aligns with its intended usage in the Swift, which is primarily oriented toward city driving. According to sources, the Z12 engine sacrifices the free-revving characteristic of the K12 in favor of enhanced low-end pulling power. This change is aimed at improving performance in city driving conditions where low-end torque is more beneficial.

The decision to reduce the number of cylinders in the engine also has the benefit of reducing the overall weight of the engine. With increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the new three-cylinder engine is expected to emit fewer pollutants while prioritising efficiency. This approach aligns with Suzuki’s Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) targets, which the brand adheres to in India. At the Tokyo Motor Show, the Swift was showcased with hybrid technology. However, sources suggest that the production Swift in India will feature a conventional engine.

Although Suzuki has designated the new Swift as the “Gen 4,” it’s worth noting that it represents a significantly updated version of the third-generation platform. Therefore, the development of a new series of internal combustion engines is a significant move, particularly with the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) on the horizon.

Suzuki has not disclosed which specific models will be powered by this engine. Still, it is conceivable that it may be used in models that currently employ the K12 engine, such as the Baleno, Fronx, Ignis, and Eeco. Over time, the Z-Series engine lineup may offer various capacities, potentially replacing other K-Series powerplants currently in use.

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