Bookings for this Electric Motorcycle will be starting soon 

Matter Aera Electric Motorcycle booking will begin on 17th May 

Matter Aera is an Electric motorcycle that competes with the Revolt and Tork electric motorcycles. The Matter Aera will be offered in 2 variants the 5000 and 5000+. The price of the Matter Aera 5000 is Rs 1,44,000 (Ex.showroom) and for the 5000+ variant, the price is set at Rs 1,54,000 (Ex.showroom). Now, since the bike is launched the bookings for the motorcycle will begin on 17th May 2023. For booking the customers can book the motorcycle from Flipkart as well as from the official website of the Company. The books are open in overall 25 cities some of the major cities include, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Mumbai, Pune and many more. 

Matter Aera powertrain and comparison with rivals 

The Matter Aera is powered by a 5kWh liquid-cooled battery pack that is paired with a liquid-cooled motor that produces 10.5kW power. The maximum claimed range is 125km. The Matter Aera has some useful features including the four-speed AT gearbox, 3 riding modes-Eco, City, and Sport, a Digital instrument cluster that allows the phone to be connected through Bluetooth for navigation, calls, and message alerts, statistics of riding and all LED units. The bike gets unique air-cooled disc brakes for both front and rear. 

Revolt RV 400 powertrain and features 

The Revolt RV 400 costs Rs 1,35,136 and it is available in only 1 one variant. The motorcycle is powered by a 3kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is paired with a 3kW motor that produces 5kW of power and 50nm of maximum torque. The maximum range this bike gets is 156km. The bike gets a host of features that includes 3 riding modes-Eco, Normal and Sport, in certain riding modes the bike reaches different top speeds, in Eco mode the bike reaches a top speed of 45km which gives a maximum range of 156km. Whereas in Normal mode the bike reaches to the top speed of 65km and offers a range of 120km. To get the whole juice of the bike, the sport mode helps to reach the top speed of 85kmph and 90km of maximum range. It gets an instrument cluster with navigation and phone connectivity as well as all LED setups to use less power. 

Tork Kratos powertrain 

The Tork Kratos costs Rs 1,31,070 for the standard variant whereas for the top variant R, the bike costs Rs 1,62,010. The Standard variant produces 10.5bhp and 28nm of maximum torque. The R variant produces 12.06bhp and 38nm of maximum torque. The bike gets a 4kWh battery pack. As features list the bike includes All LED setup, disc brakes, Geofencing, Find My Vehicle, crash alert, Track mode, Mobile connectivity, different riding modes, reverse gear, USB charging and OTA updates. 

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