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New 2024 Skoda Superb Unveiled Globally; Toyota Camry Killer?

2024 Skoda Superb

Skoda has globally unveiled the new 4th Gen Superb liftback Sedan and Estate. The new Superb is offered with multiple powertrain options including the diesel and plug-in hybrid option depending on the country.

New Skoda Superb: Exterior

The new Superb showcases a subtle yet noticeable evolution in its exterior design compared to the outgoing model. This evolution includes the introduction of features like a more bolder shoulder line and angular LED headlights, in alignment with the brand’s fresh Modern Solid design language. Skoda’s head of design, Oliver Stefani, expressed, “The Superb has traditionally shaped Skoda’s design language and the fourth model generation will continue to do just that. Its looks are characterised by sharply drawn lines, clearly defined dynamic proportions, and a modern sculptural and crystalline styling.”

Stefani also highlighted the significance of aerodynamics in the exterior design, with Skoda claiming a 10% reduction in drag for the sedan and a 15% reduction for the estate. In terms of dimensions, the new Superb length has increased by 40 MM and height increased by 10 MM compared to its outgoing version, although specific dimensions may vary by body type. Notably, both the sedan and estate are 15 MM narrower than before. Nevertheless, there is an increase in boot space, with the sedan now offering 645 L (an additional 20 L) and the estate providing 690 L (an extra 30 L).

New Skoda Superb: Interior

From the Inside, the Superb has a design feature shared with its SUV counterpart, the new Skoda Kodiaq, is the adoption of a trio of ‘smart dial’ controls positioned on the dashboard. These dials are customizable to cater to individual preferences and can be assigned various functions. The outer dials, for instance, can be configured to manage seat heating and interior temperature, while the center dial can be used to adjust infotainment volume, fan speed, air-conditioning settings, drive modes, and even zooming in and out on the sat-nav.

To ensure essential controls are readily accessible, the interior incorporates physical buttons on the center console and steering wheel. These buttons handle critical functions like window demisting and audio settings. The infotainment system is featured on a central touchscreen, with the size ranging from 10 inches to 13 inches, depending on the chosen specification.

Skoda takes sustainability seriously, as evidenced by the interior materials of the new Superb. The company proudly declares that all textiles used in the cabin are made from 100 percent recycled materials. Furthermore, the option for ‘cognac’ brown leather involves a tanning process that uses wastewater from olive processing, further enhancing the car’s sustainability credentials.

The brand has also introduced a range of ‘simply clever’ interior features designed to enhance convenience. These include a clip for parking tickets, a USB port integrated into the rear-view mirror, and dedicated storage compartments for high-visibility vests within the doors, demonstrating Skoda’s commitment to practical and user-friendly design.

New Skoda Superb: Powertrains

Skoda has unveiled the global engine options for the new Superb, catering to various power and efficiency preferences. The petrol engine lineup starts with a 147.94 BHP option, which features mild-hybrid technology and is equipped with a 1.5 L engine. Meanwhile, the 2.0 L petrol choice come in two power variants: 201.20 BHP and 261.37 BHP. Notably, the 261.37 BHP version powers both axles and does not require electric assistance. For those inclined towards diesel options, there is a 147.94 BHP two-wheel-drive variant and a 190.35 BHP four-wheel-drive option.

At the top of the range is the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), which combines the entry-level 1.5 L Petrol engine with a single electric motor, delivering a total output of 201.20 BHP to the front wheels. The PHEV system is powered by a 25.7 kWh battery pack, which supports fast charging at rates of up to 50kW (DC). According to Skoda, this enables a rapid 10 – 80% charge in just 25 minutes, making electric propulsion an efficient and practical choice for the new Superb.

So, now the bigger question that arises when will it launch in India? At the moment, Skoda is readying the outgoing 3rd Gen Superb to re-launch in India. There is no news when will Skoda launch the 4th Gen Superb in India, but if we have to guess, expect it in the late 2024 and early 2025.

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