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Top 5 Features That the New Gen Dzire Will Get That Gives Maruti an Edge!

Maruti Suzuki is currently testing the next generation of Dzire and is expected to bring in some new features to make it fight-worthy against it’s short list of rivals. Here are the top 5 features that the new-gen Dzire will get –

New Infotainment System

The current gen Dzire has a 7-inch infotainment system with decent performance and looks kinda old now. But Maruti will update the Dzire with a new 9-inch infotainment System which is called SmartPlay Pro+ is improved and faster than it’s predecessor. Maruti has introduced the 9-inch display with Brezza, XL6, Fronx, Baleno, and Grand Vitara. It’ll display the vehicle stats, Wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto, music player, and other things.

360-Degree Camera

Maruti will update the new gen Dzire with the 360-degree camera as it looks like Maruti is just adding the surround view camera in every model possible. The 360-degree camera is available in Brezza, XL6, Fronx, Baleno, and Grand Vitara Maruti models. If Maruti ends up adding the 360-degree camera, the Dzire will be the first model in it’s segment to have this feature.

Heads-up Display

The new gen Dzire will also get updated with the Heads-up Display that displays information like speed, distance, fuel economy, navigation, and has other multiple functions. If the Maruti add’s this feature, it’ll be another first segment feature in Dzire that gives them an edge over it’s rivals.

Paddle Shifters

Another feature Maruti will add in the next-gen Dzire will be the steering mounted Paddle Shifters which is exclusive to Automatic variants. Paddle Shifters is helpful for drivers who want’s to change the gears of the car manually without the stress of pressing of clutch pedal which technically doesn’t exist in an automatic car, but it’s much better to change the gears from steering wheel than keeping one hand on the gear lever and changing accordingly.

Wireless Charging Pad

Last but not the least, Maruti will add the Wireless Charging Pad in the next-gen Dzire as it reduces the wire mess around the gearbox and you can connect wirelessly to the infotainment system with Android Auto/Apple Carplay to use it’s feature while your device charges on the wireless charging pad.

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