New Platform unveiled by Renault to Boost India’s Portfolio!

Renault Group in Brazil during their “New International Gameplan 2027” presentation announced two platforms that will form the basis of its new plans outside the European region, and will underpin eight new models by 2027.

Renault new Platform and International Strategy: What is it?

Interestingly, Renault has chosen not to specify the platform destined for India, as per Bruno Vanel, the Vice President of Brand and Product Performance. He characterised it as a “fully new Renault group modular platform” that will be used in four global regions beyond Europe. The initial market for this platform will be Latin America, followed by Turkey, Morocco, and India.

Vanel elaborated, stating, “This platform is scalable and flexible, capable of accommodating vehicles with lengths between 4 to 5 meters with four wheelbases spanning from 2.6 to 3 meters. The platform is capable of accepting a wide array of powertrains, encompassing ICE (gasoline and diesel), flex-fuel, LPG, 48V hybrid, and full-hybrid options. It will also offer two and four-wheel-drive capability.”

The second platform in the lineup is the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform, which will be localized in South Korea through a partnership with Geely. This platform will be used in developing D- and E-segment vehicles. Renault unveiled two vehicles based on this adaptable platform at the event: the Niagara Concept pickup and the Kardian SUV.

The Niagara concept pickup is slated for production, expected to hit the market no later than 2027. Measuring 4.9 meters in length, it boasts a new E-tech hybrid 4X4 powertrain, comprising a 48V mild-hybrid engine for the front axle and an additional electric motor for the rear axle. Renault’s Kardian SUV stands as the first of eight new models in the pipeline and will introduce a novel 3-cylinder, 1.0 L turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine, derived from the brand’s larger 1.3 L unit.

Renault’s ambitious international strategy involves a substantial investment of 3 billion euros over the next four to five years. This is a crucial part of the company’s ‘Renaulution’ initiative, aimed at doubling its net revenue per unit sold outside Europe by 2027 compared to 2019. Renault also aspires for one out of every three Renault vehicles sold outside Europe to be either hybrid or electric. Currently, Renault operates in 80 countries, with 40 percent of its sales originating from markets outside of Europe.

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