New Steering Wheel and Infotainment System for the Tata Punch EV!

2023 Tata Punch EV!

Tata Punch EV was spotted testing on the Mumbai-Pune expressway and we caught a glimpse at the interiors and it was equipped with the bigger 10.25-inch infotainment system than the ICE Punch with 7-inch, and the two-spoke steering wheel from the Nexon facelift.

Tata Punch EV New Updates – What you need to know!

Now that Tata Motors has launched the facelift for both ICE and EV version of Nexon, it can shift its focus towards launching the electric version of Punch which is expected to be somewhere between late October to early November 2023. Recently, the Punch EV was spotted testing on the Mumbai-Pune expressway with the test mule possibly looking like the production version.

From what we say in spy shots, the Punch EV will be getting an upgrade and that is the LED headlamps replacing the Halogen one’s from the ICE version. We took a quick glimpse at the interiors of the EV and guess what, Tata is going to equip the EV with their new 10.25-inch Infotainment System and the two-spoke steering wheel with illuminated logo which will be the same as the one in Nexon Facelift.

While Tata unveiling a much bigger 12.3-inch infotainment system for the Nexon.ev with 10.25-inch display for mid-variants, but we expect the 10.25-inch display to be made available from mid to top variants, and no 12.3-inch display. Additionally, the Punch EV is also going to get voice-assisted electric sunroof as the recent iCNG launch of Punch got the sunroof update. In the image above, we see the charging socket is fitted at the front which makes it the first EV from Tata to have an EV charging from the front.

The Punch EV other than that will closely resemble the ICE version with closed grille, and will get new features like the 360-degree camera, electric parking brake with auto hold function, and many more. It’ll rival the Citroen eC3 in this segment.

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