Everything About the Ola Electric Car That You Should Know!

Ola Electric four-wheeler teaser!

Design Patent of the Ola’s Electrics Four-Wheeler leaked giving us our first look at it’s Design as it’s still in concept stage.

The first image of the Ola Electric four-wheeler EV is likely to be a sedan with coupe roofline with the shape resemblance very close to Tesla sedans. Here’s everything we know about the Ola Electric Car.

Ola Four-Wheeler EV – What you need to know!

Ola Electric had announced that’s it’s working on launching a four-wheeler EV with 500 km range, and since then nothing was heard. However, the design patent got leaked giving us our first look at the concept image of the EV, and it has a minimalistic design language which is sedan with coupe roofline that resembles with the Tesla models, especially the Model 3, and Model S, and rounded body panels for aerodynamic purposes.

The wheels are at the edges of the wheel arches which increases the wheelbase and helps Ola add a big battery pack for maximum range. There is front grille which is typical for EVs, but it does have air intakes on sides, and the headlamps to be positioned just above the bumper that comprises of horizontal LED lamps connected via a LED light bar that stretches over the entire width of the car. It gets dual-tone wheels made specifically to aid aerodynamics which will help in increasing efficiency and therefore provide the claimed 500km.

The Ola EV will replace the traditional mirrors with cameras, a scooped flush door handles, and the patent also suggests that this EV will also get the dual-tone treatment as well. We’ve no look for the rear design styling as of now. For the interiors, Ola previously had teased that it’ll get two-spoke steering wheel in octagon shape, free-standing digital instrument cluster, and a massive infotainment system in landscape orientation with minimalistic design language going inside as well, and it’s possible they’ll get rid of the physical buttons.

It is possible that Ola could fit the four-wheeler EV with 70 – 80 kWh battery pack with 500+ km range, and Ola had previously stated that it’s targeting sub 4 seconds 0 – 100 kmph sprint time, and drag coefficient of 0.21cd, and it’ll be powered by their in-house software, MoveOS. The EV is due for debut in 2024 with launch expected in 2025, and since Ola going Premium with it’s first-ever EV, it’s expected to be priced above Rs. 25 lakh.

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