People Create Bridge on their Shoulders for Maruti Alto to Pass!

Maruti Alto K10 crosses the man-made bridge.

In India, there are many roads that have potholes or some roads that are broken. One such incident took place recently where an Alto was stuck because of the broken road. So people came to the help, and build a bridge with planks to let the Alto K10 pass.

Maruti Alto Bridge Incident – What Happened?

The unmatching spirit of assistance by the Indian people is remarkable. Countless instances showcase their willingness to go beyond the limit to help those in need. A recent heartwarming incident took place in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, further exemplifying this trait. A video circulating online captures a group of individuals coming together to construct and support an improvised bridge on a severely damaged road. The video shows these men working collectively to provide safe passage for a Maruti Suzuki Alto K10, a scene that is going viral on the internet.

This particular video capturing the extraordinary bridge-supporting act for the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has found its way onto the widely-used social platform Reddit. Upon seeing the video, it becomes evident that a group of men positioned themselves along the road’s edge, each holding planks to shoulder the weight of a bridge they had ingeniously constructed. The purpose of this bridge was to build a safe passage for the Alto K10. Additionally, the video also shows other men guiding the car’s driver, ensuring a swift and secure passage across this human bridge.

In the video, the Maruti Alto K10 driver first ascends the road leading up to the bridge and then turns the car towards the far left. Somewhat unexpectedly, the driver briefly reverses the car before advancing onto the bridge. Throughout this process, these men can be seen actively assisted the driver to safely cross the bridge. Their voices can be heard, shouting and communicating in their local language as the car makes its climbs on the bridge. Despite some challenges and adjustments, the Alto driver eventually successfully crosses the bridge and reaches the other side.

While we should appreciate the selfless nature of the people, sometimes taking risks like this can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Like what if the either men loses balance or slips and everyone standing and the driver in the car, all of them have high chances of getting heavily injured. It’s always better to avoid to travelling to roads like this and in case you come across like this, carefully make your way across without risking yours and others life.

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