Python Jumps From Running Truck to Bike; Saved by Policemen!

In the vast hinterlands of India, encounters with snakes in less populated areas are not uncommon. A recent incident in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, highlights this when a massive python coiled itself around a TVS Sport motorcycle. Fortunately, quick action from a traffic police officer resulted in the snake’s rescue.

Snake Incident: What Happened?

The incident began when the snake emerged from the cabin of a truck and was initially noticed by one of the truck’s helpers. The video footage shows the police attempting to rescue the snake from the road. However, the snake then wrapped itself around the nearby TVS motorcycle. The truck driver and helper, upon noticing the snake, promptly halted their vehicle, and let the police step in to manage the situation.

Uncoiling the snake turned out to be a lengthy process. The police officer used a rope to secure the snake and gradually unwound it from the bike. Eventually, the team of cops successfully rescued the snake and placed it in a sack, which was handed over to the forest department. Encounters like these, where snakes enter vehicles, are not unheard of in India.

There have been multiple instances of snakes finding their way into cars from different parts of the country, and occasionally, they also enter motorcycles and scooters. While these reptiles are not typically seen in urban residential areas, they are more prevalent in regions with extensive greenery. Snakes, being cold-blooded reptiles, often seek warmer environments to regulate their body temperature, and the metal components of vehicles can be attractive to them.

To prevent such encounters, it’s crucial for everyone to thoroughly check their vehicles before entering them. Additionally, there are precautions we can take to avoid snake encounters when the vehicles are parked at home –

  1. Always Inspect Your Vehicle, whether it’s car or bike or something else.
  2. Always Keep Windows and Doors closed when vehicle is parked.
  3. Avoid Parking near areas with tall grass, bushes, etc. as these can be hiding spots for snakes.
  4. Use Snake Repellants around parking areas.
  5. Ensure the area is clean where you’ve parked area to avoid the snake.

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