Electric Range Rover launching soon! bookings open later this year!

Jaguar Land Rover has made an official announcement that an electric Range Rover is in the works and will be launching in 2025.

Electric Range Rover – What you need to know!

Jaguar Land Rover made an announcement earlier today saying it’ll be launching an EV version of the Range Rover and it will be ready for launch in 2025. It’ll also start accepting bookings for it by the end of this year. This new EV will be manufactured at the Halewood plant in Liverpool, United Kingdom, which is used to produce other Range Rover models will be completely renovated to dedicated EV manufacturing plant which will eventually cost around 18.6 Billion US Dollars

The electric Range Rover will be build on the same Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) the current Range Rover and Range Rover Sport is build on. Land Rover has build, ICE, and Hybrid Vehicles on this architecture as well and now this will make an EV on this architecture. This will also help them to build ICE, Hybrid, and EV Range Rovers and fulfil the demand. Land Rover is currently referring the Range Rover EV as the first-generation medium-size luxury all-electric SUV.

Similar ambitious plans for electrification has been devised for the sister brands, Land Rover and Jaguar as the strategy is to move ahead as the ‘House of Brands’ that will escalate their unique characteristics. Jaguar will be launching three new EVs in the coming years as well as the first one will be the 4-door GT model that will have a range of 700 km and will be build on a new JEA architecture and will be ready for reveal later this year with the bookings opening for it sometime in 2024 before the deliveries commence in 2025. So, a long way to go for both the Jaguar and the Land Rover.

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