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Rs. 1.03 Lakh Fined for Heavy Modification of This Car in Kerala!

Vehicle modification is illegal in India, and a heavily modified Honda Civic without registration was fined Rs 1.03 lakh after crossing two state borders, highlighting the importance of proper vehicle registration.

Honda Civic Heavily Modified Fined – What Happened?

In India, vehicle modification is strictly prohibited, and numerous instances have arisen in the past where individuals faced legal consequences for altering their vehicles. Kerala, in particular, has been a hotspot for such cases, with the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) officials frequently apprehending modified vehicles. A recent incident occurred in Kochi, Kerala, where a extensively modified Honda Civic sedan, devoid of a registration number, managed to traverse from Karnataka to Kerala. Subsequently, the police in Kochi intercepted the vehicle, imposing a substantial fine of Rs 1.03 lakh on the owner.

This incident was documented in a video shared by 24 News on their YouTube channel. The video featured a heavily modified Honda Civic sedan painted in a striking Magenta color. The car was devoid of any registration plates or proper documentation. The owner of the vehicle had driven it from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu and then crossed into Kerala. Remarkably, the car passed through state border checkpoints and various surveillance cameras without detection.

The police officers who finally stopped the vehicle in Fort Kochi, Kerala, were astounded by the sight of a Karnataka-registered car without any registration or appropriate paperwork. The Kerala police vigilantly monitors the presence of modified vehicles on the road, and the eye-catching appearance of this Honda Civic inevitably drew their attention. The car boasted aftermarket tail lamps, a sizable spoiler, an aftermarket exhaust system, body kits, and other modifications.

After a thorough inspection, the police imposed a fine of Rs 1,03,300 on the vehicle. The exact details of the fine remain undisclosed at this time. Notably, this incident took place in August. While the car’s owner hailed from Karnataka, specific owner details are not available. However, the owner subsequently returned to Kerala with the necessary documents, paid the fine, and reclaimed the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that several instances of stolen vehicles using counterfeit registration plates to cross state borders have been reported, but this case is unique in that the vehicle managed to pass through two state borders without detection.

The registration number of a vehicle holds paramount importance as it enables authorities to distinguish one vehicle from another. The unique combination of numbers and alphabets is mandatory, and operating a vehicle without a valid registration number is illegal. The Indian government has introduced High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to enhance security and traceability. Vehicles lacking these tamper-proof plates are subject to penalties. HSRPs are affixed to vehicles using single-use bolts that cannot be removed.

In conclusion, the incident involving the Honda Civic underscores the importance of adhering to vehicle registration regulations in India. Driving an unregistered vehicle not only violates the law but also makes it challenging for authorities to trace the vehicle in case of accidents or hit-and-run incidents. The Honda Civic is a popular choice among car modifiers in India and globally, resulting in numerous eye-catching customizations seen in various parts of the country.

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