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Mahindra Thar stuck in Puddles while Maruti Jimny with 5 People inside Sails Easily!

Maruti Jimny saves Mahindra Thar!

The Mahindra Thar and Maruti Jimny are the two off-road SUVs that has the hottest rivalry in India, and in one comparison, the Thar and Jimny were doing muddy puddle with high water level challenge to see which SUV performs better. Unfortunately, the Thar gets stuck and Jimny with five people inside comes to the rescue but was unsuccessful.

Thar Stuck in Puddles – What Happened?

There has been many discussion regarding the Maruti Jimny and the Mahindra Thar, particularly in terms of their size and off-road capabilities. Many people have conducted tests on both SUVs in different conditions. In some instances, the Thar came out on top, while in others, the Jimny performed brilliantly. Here’s a case where the Jimny and the Thar were tested in muddy puddles, and the Jimny emerged as the winner, while the Thar experienced a significant mishap.

In a YouTube video posted by BRH Expeditions, a white Maruti Jimny and a black Mahindra Thar were both taken through muddy puddles filled with slush. The video reveals that these puddles had notably high water levels, and the drivers of both SUVs ventured into this challenging terrain without any hesitation.

The video then showcases the Maruti Jimny successfully navigating a muddy puddle with five people on board. Although the Jimny is officially designated as a four-seater, it managed to accommodate five occupants, with the driver skillfully driving through the muddy puddle. It’s worth noting that the Maruti Jimny water-wading capacity is 300 MM, which seemed lower than the water level encountered in the muddy puddle.

In the later part of the video, the Mahindra Thar is driven into an even deeper and seemingly larger muddy puddle than the one tackled by the Jimny. Mahindra claims a water-wading capacity of 650 MM for the Thar, which appeared to be less than the slush level seen in the video. The video shows the Thar getting stuck in the middle of the puddle as water entered both the engine bay and the SUV’s cabin, eventually leading to the engine seizing.

With the engine seized, the Thar was unable to move any further. The Jimny’s driver attempted to tow the Thar out of the puddle but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, a tractor had to be brought in to extract the Thar from the muddy puddles. Once out of the puddle, a significant amount of muddy water is seen draining from the Thar’s cabin as soon as its doors are opened. This video showcases the risks associated with driving a vehicle through muddy puddles with high water levels. It highlights the importance of understanding a vehicle’s water-wading capacity before venturing into such deep waters, as neglecting this issue can be dangerous.

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