Tata Harrier in Bentley’s Signature Colour Looks Jaw-Dropping!

A Tata Harrier owner painted his SUV in the Bentley’s Signature Colour – Viridian Green looks so stunning that if Tata Motors had offered an colour option like this – it’s guaranteed to be most opted paint ever!

Tata Harrier in Bentley’s Signature Colour – What you need to know!

Many individuals cherish the dream of owning a new car, and an even greater aspiration is to have their favorite vehicle in their preferred color. Unfortunately, car manufacturers often offer a limited selection of colors due to mass production constraints. As a result, some people opt to drive their vehicles in the factory color for a few years and then opt for a repaint to give it a fresh appearance in their preferred hue.

In a recent case, a Tata Harrier owner pursued precisely this path by giving his mid-size SUV a stunning transformation, painting it in a shade reminiscent of a luxurious British car manufacturer, Bentley. The transformation process was captured in a video shared on the Brotomotiv YouTube channel. The video begins with an introduction to this unique project by the owner and presenter. They explain that the owner of this two-year-old Tata Harrier decided it was time to give his SUV a makeover. To accomplish this, he turned to the skilled experts at Brotomotiv.

Diving into the project’s details, the shop owner mentions that the Harrier’s owner sought a new, sophisticated color for his vehicle. He desired a shade that would exude uniqueness and boldness while maintaining an understated elegance. After careful deliberation and consultation, they settled on a rich, dark green hue, inspired by Bentley, the renowned British luxury car brand, known as Viridian Green. Additionally, the presenter mentions that the owner opted for a glossy black roof, painted side trims, interior enhancements, and an upgrade to alloy wheels.

Continuing with the video, the Tata Harrier undergoes an extensive transformation. The skilled technicians at the shop disassemble the vehicle, removing nearly all of its panels to commence the bodywork. The original paint is stripped away, and every minor dent and imperfection is carefully addressed using glazing putty and a dent puller. Subsequently, the car receives a complete dark-colored primer coat, ensuring a solid foundation for the new paint.

The car is ushered into the paint booth, where the initial layer of Bentley’s Viridian Green is sprayed onto the entire vehicle. The roof receives a high gloss black finish. Moreover, the matte black body claddings are seamlessly coated in the same green hue, while the brake calipers sport a vibrant highlighter green accent. To enhance the dual-tone aesthetics, the shop goes on to paint the grille and skid plate in high gloss black.

In a finishing touch, the recently acquired silver alloy wheels are elegantly painted in gloss black, harmonizing the overall appearance of the car. After the paint application process, the vehicle is meticulously reassembled. A light grit sandpaper is employed to eliminate any surface irregularities, providing a smooth finish. Subsequently, the car undergoes a polishing session. Finally, the freshly painted car receives a comprehensive final wash before being treated with a ceramic coating, safeguarding the newly applied paint job for the long haul.

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