Top 6 Features That The Nexon Facelift Has Over the Maruti Brezza!

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon Facelift will be launched soon and it has some features that the Maruti Brezza doesn’t attracting buyers towards itself!

Well, Tata Motors will be launching the facelift of the Nexon with an expected launch in August 2023 with production beginning from July 2023. Tata Motors will be tons of upgrades and changes over the current version to take on it’s rival Maruti Brezza who has been challenging Nexon in sales as both are hungry to retain the No.1 position in Compact SUV Sales. However, here are the Top 5 Features in Nexon Facelift which will end Maruti Brezza once and for all in sales –

Air Purifier

Tata Nexon Facelift has Air Purifier for it’s customer that’ll drive the SUV to breathe clean and pure air to make sure polluting air or gases doesn’t either your body. It’s a feature that Maruti forgot to add in the Brezza SUV. Air Pollution these days are so much that it becomes hard to breathe and with the help of Air Purifier, you can breathe clean air at least inside while driving for longer distances.

Drive Modes

Another Miss from Maruti in Brezza is the unavailability of the Drive Modes which Nexon Facelift doesn’t miss. The drive modes adds feels to your driving, like if you want to drive efficiently, you switch to Eco to save fuel, or if you want to go sportier, you switch to sport mode to feel the wind breezes at high speeds.

Ventilated Seats

Ventilated Seats these days is becoming a common feature in the SUVs and Maruti forgetting to add this feature just gives it’s rival another advantage on why people should opt for the Nexon facelift over the Brezza when it comes to features. Maruti missing out on Ventilated Seats seems like a huge missed opportunity for them to dominate the segment.

Digital Instrument Cluster

For an SUV whose top variant is priced at Rs. 14.14 lakh (ex-showroom), one would certainly expect digital instrument cluster. But, this might come as shock but Maruti doesn’t offer digital instrument cluster in the Brezza which the Nexon Facelift happily does. Digital Instrument Cluster is helpful as more information can be seen on the cluster than looking at the infotainment system to check something, like the vehicle stats, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and many more.

Digital Display on Steering Wheel

This is a first-in segment feature that none of it’s rival have and that is having a display on two-spoke steering wheel which is gonna be touch-sensitive display with haptic feedback to control the functions of the instrument cluster, and few functions of the infotainment system. It’ll have haptic feedback to make it feel like you’re touching/pressing a button on the steering wheel.

Electric Parking Brake

The EV version of the Nexon, Nexon EV Max has electric parking brake with auto hold function, and when the spy shots of the Nexon facelift leaked, it has the same center console design as the EV Max, and it’s quite possible that Tata could add the Electric Parking Brake with auto hold function feature in the Nexon facelift which will be another first-in segment feature for them, and well, Brezza misses on this as well.

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