Tata Motors November 2023 Sales revealed; is it better than last year?

Tata Motors revealed the November 2023 Sales and it reports 72,647 units with the demand for the electric vehicles year-on-year growth was about 6.96, while the ICE vehicles saw 0.61% decline.

Tata Motors November 2023 Sales

Passenger Sales:

CategoryNovember 2023November 2022Growth
(includes EV)
PV IB75388-80.67%
Total PV
(includes EV)
EV (IB + Domestic)4,7614,4516.96%

Let’s dive into the passenger vehicle sales first. Tata Motors did domestic sales of 46,068 units in November 2023, and this sales figure also includes electric vehicle line-up which includes – Tigor EV, Tiago EV, and Nexon EV. Soon to be joining the list is the Punch EV, Harrier EV, Safari EV, and Curvv EV that are coming by next year. Additionally, the domestic sales reports growth in year-on-year sales by 0.07% compared to 46,037 units in November 2022.

Exports however, reports decline by big margin. The exports in November 2023 were only 75 units which is down by 80.67% against the 388 units in November 2022. This takes the total passenger vehicles sales to 46,143 units which is down by 0.61% compared to 46,425 units in Nov. 2022. Electric vehicles sales which includes exports and domestic sales figures are also improving significantly as it reports 4,761 units in November 2023 which is 6.96% growth over the 4,451 units last year.

Commercial Sales:

CategoryNovember 2023 SalesNovember 2022 SalesGrowth
HCV Trucks8,2538,1940.72%
ILMCV Trucks4,3854,1475.74%
Passenger Carriers2,1302,0414.36%
SCV Cargo and Pickup11,81113,048-9.48%
Total CV Domestic26,57927,430-3.10%
CV IB1,4501,623-10.66%
Total CV28,02929,053-3.52%

It’s time to dive in the Commercial Sales now. The Commercial Sales performance are little down with Tata Motors reporting 3.52% growth from 29,053 units last year to 28,029 units in November 2023. The demand for the HCV trucks are increasing with sales in November 2023 of 8,253 units which is slightly by 0.72% compared to 8,194 units in November 2022.

The ILMCV Sales saw 5.74% year-on-year growth from 4,147 units last year to 4,385 units in November 2023. The Passenger Carriers sales are also up to 4.36% from 2,041 units last year to 2,130 units in November 2023. The SCV Cargo and Pickup Sales are however down by 9.48% year-on-year to 11,811 units, The Commercial Vehicles Exports are also down to 10.66% year-on-year from 1,623 units last year from 1,450 units shipped in November 2022.

CategoryNovember 2023November 2022Growth
Total Domestic Sales72,64773,467-1.12%

So, in the end, total Domestic Sales of Tata Motors in November 2023 was 72,647 units which is unfortunately down by 1.12% from the 73,467 units last year.

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