Here’s Everything about The Tata Punch ICNG!

Tata Motors had unveiled the CNG version of the Punch at the Auto Expo 2023 in January 2023 and Tata had confirmed it’ll launch alongside the Altroz iCNG in mid 2023. But, before it launches here’s everything you should know about the Tata Punch iCNG.

Tata Punch iCNG – Everything that you should know!

Tata Motors will launch the Punch CNG in mid 2023, but just like the Altroz iCNG, Tata Motors has removed the spare wheel and reworked the boot space to install the two CNG cylinders of 30 litres each. They sit on the flat floor so they do not eat your boot space at all. From the inside, the Punch looks and feels the same no changes made except they’ve added a CNG button next to the steering wheel on the right side to switch to CNG fuel whenever you need to at your comfort.

We expect the Punch iCNG, just like the Altroz iCNG, will have a separate fuel bar for the CNG in the instrument cluster to display the level of CNG fuel. From the outside, the Punch looks the same except the difference between the Punch and the iCNG Punch is going to be the iCNG badging on the tail gate.

Engine1.2 litre Revoltron engine
Power84.82 bhp – Petrol
75.94 bhp – CNG
Torque113 Nm – Petrol
97 Nm – CNG
Transmission Type5-speed MT

When it comes to Engine specifications, the Punch iCNG will be powered by the same 1.2-litre Revoltron engine which will produce 84.82 bhp when in Petrol and 75.94 bhp when in CNG, and will have a torque output of 113 Nm in Petrol and 97 Nm in CNG. The engine will be mated to a 5-speed Manual Transmission only and no Automatic Transmission on offer. Tata iCNG technology is so good that you can start your vehicle with CNG fuel.

In features, the Punch iCNG will have sunroof, voice commands, 7-inch infotainment system, projector headlamps, LED DRLS, and 16-inch alloy wheels, 6-speaker Harman sound system, and automatic climate control. When it comes to safety, Punch has six airbags, a microswitch that will keep the car turned off while you fill the CNG cylinders, thermal incident protection, small fire extinguisher near the driver’s door in case of fire, leak detection feature, and usage of high quality materials to prevent the CNG cylinders from leaking.

Tata Motors has been spotted multiple times consistently testing the Nexon and Harrier facelift as the Nexon facelift is expected to launch in August 2023 with new features and new exterior look and the Harrier facelift is expected to launch in October 2023 with new front grille and new LED light bar at the rear and new features as well.

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