Tata Punch Suddenly Ignites raising safety concerns!

Tata Punch catches fire all of a sudden!

Tata Punch catches fire all of a sudden risking lives of everyone present in the car. The owner of the Punch says it was a month ago and filed an FIR against the Tata.

Tata Punch on Fire – What happened?

The owner had bought the Tata Punch a month ago, a brand new car, which was an Accomplished AMT variant as the car bursts into flames as the incident took place in Gujarat. According to the owner, he was travelling from Mumbai to Rajasthan and at 6:30 am it went on fire all of a sudden. This sudden fire risked his family’s lives. You could literally see the Punch in the middle of the highway turn into a huge fireball as the video of the incident was shared on the social medias.

The fire started from the bonnet at the front and then quickly spread across the whole car and the option left was to extinguished the fire. Prabal Bordiya, the owner of Tata Punch, in an email says that very little to react to this fire. He added, “it is crucial to share this story with the wider public to raise awareness of the issue and urge Tata Motors to take appropriate action.” As of now, no new information related to the incident is known as it is yet to be inspected.

Prabal further added, “it is essential that car manufacturers take necessary precautions to ensure that their products are safe for use, and incidents like these can be avoided.” Tata Punch was launched in 2021 as an affordable SUV with 5-star Global NCAP safety ratings. The owner said no aftermarket accessories were installed from or outside of Tata showroom.

When he talked to the Insurance company, they say, they’ll wait for the FSC report to come from the police station. Right now, nothing can be commented on what actually happened, until more information is made available. Till then, take care of yourself and your family and drive safely.

Tata’s statement on the incident:

“We are actively looking into this thermal incident. We understand from the customer that fortunately all occupants are safe and unhurt. We are engaging with the customer and investigating agencies to offer all possible support and will be conducting a detailed investigation to ascertain the facts/ reasons of this unfortunate incident. Safety of vehicles and their users remains our foremost priority at Tata Motors.”

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