Tata’s 2 New Electric Suv’s Confirmed for This Year: All the Details!

In an attempt to increase the range of EV vehicles they provide in the SUV market, Tata Motors is introducing two new SUV models this year that are built on their Acti.ev pure EV architecture. This will establish a whole new standard for the upcoming generation of electric SUVs available on the market.


The All New Tata Curvv Debuts at BME 2024 1
Front Profile
  • A coupe impacted the design of Tata Motors’ first electric car (EV).
  • Tata’s Acti.ev Architecture, a pure EV platform, would serve as its foundation.
  • The striking front and rear designs feature aggressive angles and sharp LED DRls, projectors installed on the bumper, and svelte LED connecting taillamps at the back.
  • There will be a modern and technologically enhanced cabin with a new HMI, a digital cockpit experience, and numerous cutting-edge networking technologies.
  • Level 2 ADAS technology will also be included.
  • It will have a range of 500–600 km with a probable battery pack of 45–50 kWh.
  • It will likely generate 147.94 Bhp and 225 Nm of peak torque and will include 150 kW and 11 kW OBC rapid charging capabilities as part of its cutting-edge charging infrastructure.
  • It will be available with a dual-motor arrangement with drivetrain choices that are both FWD and RWD.
  • Cost: Ex-showroom, between Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Launch: After mid-2024.


Production Ready Tata Harrier EV Debuts at BME 2024
  • Tata’s Acti.ev pure electric architecture will serve as the foundation for it.
  • With a few key designer adjustments, the design language and general silhouette will resemble those of the current Harrier generation.
  • To give it a unique appearance, it will have a new front grille with a new bumper design, a new alloy side profile design, and a few minor modifications to the back.
  • The New Harrier. Ev will receive ADAS Level 2 for added safety as well as a slew of cutting-edge connectivity technologies.
  • It will have both FWD and AWD drivetrain versions and a larger battery pack with a range of up to 500–600 km on a single charge.
  • With its dual-motor system positioned at each axle and off-road capabilities, the AWD variant will have more power.
  • The Acti.ev architecture is compatible with a wide range of cutting-edge next-generation technologies, including V2V, V2L, and fast charging capabilities of 150 kW DC and 11 kW AC.
  • Price: ex-showroom, between Rs. 25 lakhs and Rs. 30 lakhs.
  • Launch: Later, 2024.

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