This Happened to Kia Carens at 10-15 kmph Speed! Check the Full Story

Kia Carens

Kia Owner who had received the Carens MUV 6 months ago reports an accident which isn’t big, but questions the build quality of the Kia cars, as the owner states the Carens “Crumples Like Piece Of Paper” after hitting the rear of other car.

Kia Carens Accident – What Happened?

So, the owner reports that they got the Carens 6 months ago which is a Luxury Plus variant. They were travelling in a colony by lane, and were attempting to take a left turn but because the sunlight was blinding the driver, they weren’t able to react on time, and ends up hitting the rear of the car in front of them which was an Innova. Both the drivers exchanged few words but no verbal abuse, or physical fight took place, as they settle the fight like gentleman.

According to the owner, the Carens speed was between 10 – 15 kmph when it hit the car in front of them, and the damage the MUV took was shocking. The entire front bumpers, right side fenders, and the LED headlights were destroyed, and upon opening the bonnet, there were cracks from the inside covering the headlamp unit. Additionally, when the Carens hit the Innova, the driver side door wouldn’t open because as per the NCAP, the door shouldn’t be blocked at all until 60 kmph, and the speed here 10 – 15 kmph only.

Moreover, the owner reports that when they try to claim the insurance on the Carens, the process for it isn’t that simple as it may sound or one might think. If you want to make a claim, following is required – personal injury to 3rd party, FIR, Case will go court then to Arbitrator, and Upon Decision Kia will appeal then they will decide the amount. This whole process takes around 2 – 3 months according to the owner.

Kia Carens Accident – How Did Carens Took That Much Damage?

As per the what we hearing from the owner, it looks the question here is the build quality. It looks like the body material used by Kia for Carens is very thin, which could explain how at just 10 – 15 kmph everything at the front got slightly destroyed, and how the impact of it went inside the bonnet. The Carens scored 3 Stars NCAP rating, and seeing reports of it taking heavy damage at very less speed and just touching the other car results in so much damage.

Anyway, the owner has decided that after the Carens gets repaired, they’re going to sell it. In India, safety is the main priority for customers when they buy the car, and in this regard, Tata Motors, Mahindra are leading with 5 Star Global NCAP safety rating, and the build quality of those cars are very good, keeps all the passengers safe.

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