This is the world’s first-ever Solar charging EV available, can run up to 11,000km per year.

We all are familiar with how the EV market is growing, there are many budget EVs out there. But since they are budget EVs they don’t offer long-range. EVs like Tata Nexon EV, Hyundai Kona EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, MG ZSEV, and Kia EV6 are some of the well-known EVs in the market. But no matter what EV we choose, there is always this anxiety that what if the battery runs out? what if there are no charging stations nearby? Well, the worries are never-ending, in short, no matter what EV we choose it won’t be as practical as a fuel-powered vehicle. But, there is a way out of it now. This specific car has used solar technology to charge the vehicle on the go. The Netherlands-based EV startup company has claimed that its EV can run for 11000km. So, let us know more about it. 

More Details about the Lightyear 0

Lightyear is a Netherland-based EV startup company. It had already grabbed attention due to its technology and design of the car. Now, the company has claimed that their car can run for seven months without charge, based on solar panels. The company has mentioned that the car can run up to 11,000km per year. The Lightyear 0 is the only production-ready car that is solar-powered. And only Lightyear has the right to use this technology on their that, lightyear is a company that works on Solar Electric Vehicles. This Solar panel technology has been patented by them. What gives it more range is the 54 square feet of curved dual solar arrays.

The Lightyear is the most aerodynamic EV that has a drag coefficient of 0.175cd, as mentioned earlier the company had already grabbed attention because of the design of the car. The car being so aerodynamic, there won’t be wind affecting the range of the car. The car is fitted with a respectable 60kWh battery pack that provides a range of 625kms which can go up to 695km or more when exposed to strong sunlight to shrink all the juice from the solar panel to the battery. The design of the car is impeccable, even if we ignore the fact that this is the most aerodynamic EV it looks fabulous because of the sloping roof design.

The dimensions of the car are as follows: L- 5,083mm, W-1972mm, and H- 1445mm. Just for comparison, the BMW 5 series measures L-4963mm, W- 1868mm, and H-1497mm, so now you have an idea of how much the Lightyear 0 will be practical. 

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