Top 5 Features Hyundai Creta Misses that Tata Nexon Facelift Doesn’t!

2023 Tata Nexon Facelift

Today, we’re going to list down top 5 features that Hyundai Creta, an SUV that is bigger in size than the Nexon Facelift, misses out on. Now, Tata Motors had launched the Nexon Facelift few days ago, and everyone were shocked to see the amount of features and tech Tata loaded the SUV with; where as the Creta hasn’t received an major update in more than a year or two, but it’s still competes with other SUVs to be in the top 5 as the best-selling SUV. So, here are the features that the Creta misses out on –

  1. Sequential LED Indicators
  2. 360 Surround View Camera
  3. Front Parking Sensors
  4. 9 Speaker JBL Sound System
  5. Blind Spot Monitor

The first feature that the Creta misses out on is the Sequential LED Indicators. You may notice that indicators in many cars blink instead of scrolling or sequential. This feature is mostly seen in luxurious models, but they’re slowly making its way to affordable cars. Tata Motors in the update, brought this feature making the SUV look very cool. Next feature that the Creta misses is the 360 Surround View Camera which the Nexon doesn’t misses.

The Creta is a 4.3 M SUV and a 360 Surround View Camera helps in parking as it gives you full view of your surrounding. It is currently only fitted with reverse parking camera, but soon an facelift update is coming, and recently the Creta facelift was spied and was seen sporting the 360 Camera. But it’s also worth noting that the video quality in the Nexon when you use the camera is just impeccable. Additionally, the outgoing Creta misses out on Front Parking Sensors and is only available with Rear Parking Sensors.

The other two features Creta misses out on is the 9 Speaker JBL Sound System, and Blind Spot Monitor. The Creta is offered with branded Bose Sound System and it comes with 5 Speakers, 2 Tweeters, and 1 Subwoofer. In Nexon’s case, the SUV comes with 4 Speakers, 4 Tweeters, and 1 Subwoofer. So, in short, Creta sports 8 Speakers while the Nexon sport’s 9 Speakers. The Blind Spot Monitor is a very useful feature as it’ll helps you stay extra aware while driving. When you’re either overtaking or changing lanes, just give that direction indicator, and the camera will display the roads on the infotainment system to let you know if you’re safe to overtake or not.

Hyundai Motors is working on launching the Creta Facelift with expected date of February 2024, and its going to introduce crazy features like one for example is Level 2 ADAS with all the features same as the new-gen Verna. In the coming months, we should hear or see more about the Creta Facelift soon!

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