Top 5 Features Hyundai Venue Misses Over the Hyundai Exter!

Venue against the
Hyundai Exter against the Venue!

On July 10th, Hyundai Motors will be launching their Micro SUV, Exter, which is based on the Grand i10 Nios and will sit below the Hyundai Venue in line-up. Hyundai Exter will take on the Tata Punch and Citroen C3 in this segment by introducing some first-in segment features. But we’re going to list down top 4 features that the Hyundai Exter get’s over the Hyundai Venue, here are those 4 features –

  1. Six Airbags as standard
  2. Dual Dashcam
  3. CNG Fuel
  4. Ambient Sounds of Nature with 7 Acoustic Profiles

Hyundai Exter will have six airbags as standard for all variants which the Hyundai Venue doesn’t have as standard. Hyundai Motors is complying with the norms implemented by Government of India that all cars should mandatory have six airbags as standard across all variants. This is something Hyundai Venue currently pending to receive that update. Next feature is the Dual Dashcam available in Exter which is missing in the Venue.

The Dashcam has it’s benefit such as it records video evidence for you in case accident happen and you’re getting blamed. Exter has dual front and rear, it’s an extra added security for you from Hyundai. Next is the CNG Fuel option that the Exter will get at launch which is not present in the Venue. Many carmakers are exploring alternate fuel option for improved fuel efficiency and are opting for the CNG fuel option. The Exter having CNG fuel option would result in less boot space but it’ll be more fuel efficienct.

Lastly, the Hyundai Exter has the Ambient Sounds of Nature with 7 Acoustic Profiles which Venue only has 6 on offer giving the Exter a little edge over the Venue.

Hyundai will launch the Exter on July 10th with deliveries beginning by mid July. So, what do you think about the affordable SUV from Hyundai, is it worth it?

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