Top 9 things to know about the upcoming new generation of Maruti Swift: Launching Soon!

This year, a generational update featuring numerous mechanical and technical improvements will be made to Maruti’s Hot hatchback.

New Gen Maruti Swift

Swift 2024 #1
  1. Maruti’s Heartect Platform will be used for construction.
  2. will have a brand-new, updated design with a largely comparable silhouette but a more aggressive appearance and a few minor dimensional adjustments.
  3. It has a new alloy design along with conventional door handles at the rear, unlike the current Swift at the side, a new taillamp unit with a revised bumper at the back, and a new front design with a new pair of projectors.
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  5. A new 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, semi-digital instrument cluster, and plush leatherette upholstery will be shown.
  6. Will include ADAS technology along with a slew of new generation-connected features.
  7. A new 1.2 L Z-series petrol engine, expected in the forthcoming Swift, is probably in the works and will probably come with a S-CNG variant soon, followed by Maruti’s new Series-Hybrid variant later.
  8. Price: Between Rs. 6.5 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs (ex-showroom).
  9. Launch: expected to go on sale in March 2024.

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