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Toyota Fortuner Engulfed in Flames. Here’s the Reason Why!

Toyota Fortuner With Aftermarket Modifications led to whole SUV on Fire!

A Toyota Fortuner was completely on fire on the sides of the road leading to entire SUV reducing to the ashes costing the owner a huge financial loss.

Toyota Fortuner On Fire – What Happened?

A Toyota Fortuner was engulfed in flames due to aftermarket accessories. The trend of modifying cars post-purchase is increasing at an exponential rate. People rush to these shops for various alterations, aiming to make their vehicles stand out from the others. Because of this, incidents of such car mishaps are also increasing. The Fortuner stands as the most successful 7-seat off-roading SUV in the country. Especially after the exit of the Ford Endeavour, the Fortuner’s sales are soaring. The Japanese automaker now presents it in numerous new editions.

This Instagram post is shared by @motorpoint_arena, presenting a distressing scene. A white Fortuner is seen fully on fire by the roadside, and on closer inspection, people can tell clearly, it was a Fortuner. The video then shifts focus to the front of the vehicle, where the exact model is hard to distinguish. The flames have completely devoured the car. The person recording the video explains that the owner had added aftermarket headlights. Instead of following the company’s recommendation of 110W bulbs, the owner installed 130W bulbs. This decision caused a short circuit the following day, resulting in a catastrophic fire outbreak.

The intensity of the fire was so high that no one was able to extinguish it. Within a short span, the entire vehicle was reduced to ashes. This incident is a recurring issue with aftermarket modified cars. Frequently, the components used are not up to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. Consequently, short circuits occur, culminating in fire incidents. A major factor is the tampering of the cars’ electronics which is not a great idea. While these modifications primarily emphasize aesthetic allure, the aftermath is considerably severe.

Toyota Fortuner On Fire – Our Opinion

These incidents are increasingly becoming common in recent times. Low-cost aftermarket alterations, especially concerning the electrical system, pose significant risks. That is why we should avoid such modifications altogether. Individuals should exercise restraint in succumbing to cosmetic enhancements aimed at making their vehicles stand out. The downsides must also be taken into account. The most notable drawback is the invalidation of the manufacturer’s warranty following these customizations. Consequently, if an incident like the aforementioned takes place, insurance coverage is rendered void, leaving the entire financial responsibility on the vehicle owner.

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