Toyota Reveals Fortuner Hybrid, Hilux Hybrid Details!

Toyota Fortuner!

Toyota has officially confirmed that both the Fortuner SUV and Hilux pickup will receive a mild-hybrid powertrain across all markets, putting to rest any speculation. This announcement came from Leon Theron, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa a few months ago.

Toyota Fortuner, Hilux Hybrid – What you need to know!

The Japanese automaker had previously showcased an E100 ethanol-capable Fortuner and Hilux but it seems that a hybrid powertrain is more likely in the near future. Both the Hilux and Fortuner share the same IMV2 platform and are currently equipped with a 2.8 L 4 Cylinder Diesel engine, with the Fortuner also offering a 2.7 L 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine. Toyota’s advanced TNGA-F platform, already used in the Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus LX500d, will be adopted for the next-generation Fortuner and Hilux. This platform has brought significant improvements in structural design, chassis, engine, and transmission. These advancements will soon be available in the Fortuner and Hilux models.

In early 2021, Mr. Yoshiki Konishi, the President of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing, had hinted that the next-gen Fortuner would feature a hybrid powertrain. With confirmation from Toyota South Africa, it’s now clear that both the next-gen Fortuner and Hilux will incorporate a 48V mild-hybrid system. While many other automakers are prioritizing electric vehicles, Toyota remains committed to hybrid technology. However, Toyota has not completely ignored the EV segment. In December of the previous year, the company unveiled the Hilux Revo BEV concept in Thailand. Nevertheless, Toyota’s immediate focus continues to be on hybrids.

The mild-hybrid powertrain for the next-gen Fortuner and Hilux will utilize the existing 2.8 L Turbo Diesel engine paired with a 48V Mild Hybrid system. In its current configuration in the Fortuner and Hilux, this 2.8-liter diesel engine produces 201.20 BHP of Power and delivers 420 NM of torque with the 6 Speed manual gearbox, and 500 Nm with the 6 Speed Automatic Gearbox. Toyota promises several benefits from this 48V mild hybrid setup, including improved torque, seamless engine stop/start functionality, regenerative braking, enhanced fuel efficiency, quieter starts, and an overall improved driving experience.

This system consists of a belt-driven electric generator (replacing the traditional alternator), a 48V battery, and a converter. Collectively, it is expected to provide up to a 10% increase in fuel efficiency compared to the current diesel-only setup. Despite the addition of mild-hybrid technology, both the Hilux and Fortuner will maintain their off-road capabilities, towing capacity, and the ability to wade through water up to 700 mm. Toyota even showcased a hybrid Hilux prototype at a recent WRC event, highlighting its off-road prowess.

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