Toyota Halts bookings of the innova hycross, urban cruiser hyryder!

Toyota stopped bookings for the Innova HyCross and Urban Cruiser Hyryder.
Toyota stopped bookings for the Innova HyCross and Urban Cruiser Hyryder.

Toyota has suspended the bookings for the Innova HyCross and Urban Cruiser Hyryder as the demand for the both the models is increasing.

Toyota HyCross, Hryrder Bookings closed – What you need to know!

Toyota had launched the hybrid version of the Innova, the HyCross in December 2022, and the Urban Cruiser Hyryder in August 2022. Ever since the launch of both the cars, the sales has been incredible and most demand has been for the strong hybrid variants. Buying a strong-hybrid variant helps in cost-saving and gets more range as the performance is similar to the electric cars. The Innova HyCross has a fuel efficiency of 23.24 km/l which is best-in-class efficiency and the Urban Cruiser has 27.97 km/l best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Ever since the launch, the demand is insane for the strong hybrid version and because of this, the waiting period have increased to 2.5+ years in some locations. Toyota in order to avoid people wait for more than the 2.5+ year waiting period for their cars, it has suspended the bookings for the models. This information comes directly from the dealers and not from the Toyota directly.

VariantsWaiting Period
VX 8 to 12 months
ZX (O)2.5+ years
Innova Hycross Waiting Period

The waiting period of the HyCross top-spec variant ZX (O) is 2.5+ years and for the VX waiting period is 8 to 12 months. As of the Urban Cruiser Hyryder’s waiting period, it is 1+ year in some cities. The reason behind this huge waiting period is that the these models are manufactured at the same plant where the Maruti’s Grand Vitara is being manufactured.

Maruti’s Grand Vitara has been doing brilliant in sales as well with 9,183 units in February 2023, which is 14.61% more than the Kia’s Seltos 8,012 units sales with 1,171 units additional model sales. In this strong-hybrid, there is no rival for the Maruti and Toyota as both are already dominating the segment with the strong hybrid.

There is no word when will the bookings resume for the HyCross and Hyryder as Toyota is currently also working on a Fronx similar model that it will launch either this year or in 2024.

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