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Two Cops Helps Push a Stuck 20+ Year Old Maruti 800 in Traffic!

Two Cops pushes the stuck Maruti 800

In India, while there have been complaints about uncooperative policemen in distress situations, there are instances where they go above and beyond to assist people. One such heartwarming example involves a 22-year-old restored Maruti 800.

Traffic Police officers pushes old Maruti 800 – What happened?

Featured in a YouTube video by “Brotomotiv,” a reputable vehicle restoration and repair shop in Pune, the video showcases the restoration project of this classic car. After a fresh paint job and mechanical repairs, the shop owners decided to take the rejuvenated Maruti 800 for a spin but had filled it with just 1 litre of petrol, leading to it getting stuck in traffic in Pune. The owner called for help, and his brother arrived on a Kawasaki Versus 1000 with spare fuel.

However, before the fuel could arrive, traffic policemen stepped in, pushing the Maruti 800 from behind and helping steer it to clear the road, relieving the traffic jam caused by the stranded car. The shop owners expressed gratitude for this unexpected and appreciated gesture in their YouTube video. In many countries, a broken-down car in the middle of the road is an offense, and fines can be imposed. While India also mandates regular car servicing, these nuances are often overlooked by law enforcement.

Additionally, the Maruti 800’s restoration work garnered attention. The classic car, with its new blue-based paint, now stands out. However, the owners decided to keep the original color of the blacked-out bumpers to preserve the car’s essence. They also revamped the mechanical aspects, including the engine, suspension, and AC, to ensure it drives like new. The original 796cc three-cylinder engine was retained, maintaining the iconic status of the Maruti 800 as a fuel-efficient and reliable small car.

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