Wild Elephant Attacks Hyundai Car; Driver and Tourist Narrowly Escapes the attack!

There have been multiple reports of wild animals, particularly elephants, venturing onto roads and causing disruptions for vehicles and local residents, and new video from Tamil Nadu shows an Hyundai sedan getting attacked by this wild elephant.

Elephant Attacks Hyundai Car: What Happened?

These animals often leave their natural habitats in search of food and, in the process, can damage farms, homes, and pose a threat to humans. There have been instances where people have attempted to communicate with these animals to prevent harm to others. A new video from Tamil Nadu captures an incident where a wild elephant attacked a taxi carrying tourists. Fortunately, the tourists and the driver narrowly escaped the attack by fleeing from the car.

The incident was captured and shared by Asianet News on their YouTube channel and took place on the Mettupalayam-Kotagiri National Highway, a popular route for tourists heading to Ooty. In the video, a Hyundai Xcent taxi is seen parked by the roadside with an elephant nearby. According to reports, the tourists were traveling in the taxi and stopped when they encountered the elephant on the road. When the elephant noticed the car, it charged towards it, causing panic among the people inside, including the driver from Pollachi, Coimbatore.

Everyone quickly exited the car to safety. The elephant proceeded to attack the vehicle, damaging it. The car’s windows were rolled down, and the elephant entered the cabin, removing and discarding items onto the road. It also damaged the driver-side door. After attacking the car from the front, the elephant moved to the rear and hit the trunk. It even lifted the car and nearly pushed it off the road. Onlookers made loud noises to distract the elephant and guide it back into the jungle.

The car suffered significant damage in the incident. The report mentions that while elephants are often seen in the area, this is the first time one has attacked a vehicle. Forest officials were called, and they managed to guide the elephant back into its natural habitat.

This incident is not an isolated one in India, as there have been previous instances of wild animals, including elephants, showing aggression towards vehicles and people. It is advisable not to stop in forested areas, especially at night. If faced with such a situation, it is generally recommended to remain calm and stay inside the vehicle. If the animal approaches, slowly reverse the car without making sudden noises. If there’s an opportunity, move to a safer location on foot if driving away is not possible. Safety and caution are paramount when encountering wildlife in their natural environments.

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